Winstrol Cycle for Athletes to Improve Stamina and Athletic Performance

Professional and amateur athletes have found Winstrol anabolic to be a true powerhouse. This compound has been supported by celebrities and is now embraced by popular American baseball players, which has created a colossal buzz in the media. Today, Winstrol leads anabolic steroid market as best PED for worldwide athletes.

Athletes who adopted Winstrol only cycle claimed to attain hard and large lean mass along with incredible endurance and speed. Is this hype? Body builders adopting Winstrol only cycle are highly coveted about their before and after consequences. Photos posted online display how users gain mass, strength and speed in comparison to their competitors. Visit  to learn more.


Winstrol – An overview

Winstrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid similar to natural testosterone, but its structure is tweaked to increase its intensity. It is DHT hormone’s chemical form. FDA had approved this drug, but is currently not manufactured or sold in the United States.

It was traditionally sold as an oral steroid, but today it is also available in the injectable form. There is very little difference between oral and injectable Winstrol absorption rate. Winstrol is available under different names like Winny, Win V, Stanozolol, and Winnie.

Winstrol results

Winstrol can be used in any form pills or injectables. Results are remarkable. Winny is formulated to enhance the muscle growth, RBC production as well as bone density. Increase in RBC in the blood allows more oxygen to reach different body parts, thus energy, stamina and mental alertness improves. Winstrol improves protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscles shaping your physical look.  There is no concern about bulking or gaining weight, which could be harmful to athletes.

Side effects to monitor

Winstrol is capable to increase LDL and decreases HDL but eat fresh vegetables and lean proteins paired with cardio workouts avert this side effect. Winstrol can cause a decrease in testosterone production but adopting PCT kick starts the natural process.

Winstrol cycle

Winstrol has been preferred training aid for five decades in sports. In body builders Winstrol cutting cycle helps to burn stubborn fat, which veils the muscle definition. It reveals a muscular and tones physique, which looks incredible in competitive season. Winstrol can be taken as a standalone but many users tack it with Deca or other steroids for better results.

Winstrol cycle burns fat cells but preserves the lean muscle. A dosage of 50 mg/day for 6 weeks first and 100 mg/day next two weeks is ideal, before the competition. Winstrol is advantageous because you enhance strength, endurance, and athletic performance without water weight retention.