Why you should visit to Albania: Cities amazingly worth visiting

You may be planning to visit somewhere for your holidays but could not decide, so here is a place which is worth visiting. It is Albania. Albania is a Balkan’s city which is rich in archaeological heritage sites, beautiful architecture, Albania cities, extraordinary landscape combination of mountains and beaches. Not only there is great and vast expedition to discover the country but also to enjoy the variety of food, culture, music and art of the place.

Why you should visit Albania?

The first and primary reason is because Albania is an undiscovered and less popular country. But this doesn’t mean that it is not beautiful or a desirable tourist place. It’s just, the place has not gained popularity as places like Greece or Spain or any other European country. This actually is a positive point to visit the place as it is less crowdy and cheaper than anything with flights, accommodation, transport and food. The climate is pleasant there, far from pollution especially in May. You can enjoy both the mountains and beaches here. The scenic place is different from other European countries and this makes it worth visiting. Cities in Albania are surely to visit with their significant values and places as many of them like berati and Gjirokaster are UNESCO sites. Some are iconic for viewing history, art and culture of the country and Tirana, the capital city like city is best for enjoying the urban life of the country with explicit enjoyment of Albania cuisine, other food and delicious wine along with experience of shopping at cheap rates.Image result for Why you should visit to Albania: Cities amazingly worth visiting

The best highlights which compel you to visit here

  1. Albanian Alps, mountains and Lush green Valleys are tempting especially when snow capped. These mountains, peaks and valleys are ideal places for sports and adventures like mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain bike racing, paragliding and so more. Not only mountains, but some other hilly areas and long routes are there for cycling and road trips allowing you to enjoy the landscapes more closely. Another most exciting thing that you can do here, is exploring on the mountains for caves, finding hidden caves, looking for new things, like treasure finding. This journey will be really very exciting for you.
  2. Albania beaches are considered as the best because tourist traffic is not much intense like at other places due to which there is more scope of privacy and clean beaches. The beaches like Sarande, Ksamil, Durres, Albania Riviera, pebble beach and others allow you to enjoy several beach activities. Not only that, you can enjoy the drinks, clubs and the nightlife of the country at the beaches like Albania Riviera, Sarande etc. where you will get beach clubs and a number of music fests and parties going on.
  3. Explore the History of country and vast saga behind it where you get to explore the UNESCO world heritage sites like Berati and Gjirokaster and other museums, museums cities, monuments and numerous of places.