Understanding the Buyer Behaviour of Coffee Lovers with Handy

What does every household always have? Coffee. For most Americans, coffee is how they start their day whether it is with a household name brand, it is picked up on the way to work, or brewed and bloomed using beans from an organic expensive brand. Household services application and service, Handy, has begun to realize just how important coffee is in the lives of everyday Americans. Handy employees go into homes to fulfill scheduled jobs like painting, cleaning, installing, and any handyman related work. Therefore, they witness first-hand the role coffee plays in American’s lives. Here is the coffee drinker profile that Handy has developed:

  • Older consumers tend to prefer known brand names, while younger consumer (Millennials) has higher rates of consumption across all brands.
  • As consumers become more experienced, they are seeking bolder flavours and darker roasts. Consumers are also seeking healthier coffee derivative options.
  • Women are more likely than men to care about price and the effects of the coffee products they are purchasing.
  • Women are more interested in flavour and convenience so they tend to prefer instant coffee mixes or anything with immediate compensation/results.
  • About one-third of coffee drinkers under the age of 24 said that they prefer instant coffee or instant gratifying drinks rather than traditional forms of coffee.
  • Coffee is consumed across all income levers. It is present in low income households (US$25,000) and high income households (US$150,000).

Although Handy does not specialize in coffee, their employees likely understand American coffee consumption better than most companies do. For that reason, Handy is thinking of enhancing their service by offering coffee upon arrival from employees. What kind of impact could it have? You’re waiting for a service and they show up with your favourite coffee. Not only could this marketing technique enhance their mouth-to-mouth reputation, it could help better maintain their customer relationships. For more information about Handy and what services they provide, click on the link provided above. You won’t regret it!