Tips for Promoting Your Online Store on Social Media

Promotion can be an uphill battle for fledgling online stores. With countless stores competing for search engine attention, it’s easy for first-time proprietors to get discouraged. While it’s true that attention from search giants like Google and Bing can prove tremendously helpful to online stores, SEO is far from the only effective way to promote an ecommerce website. In recent years, many online businesses have enjoyed considerable success through social media promotion. Not only are popular social media outlets free and easy to use, they can also help you boost your visitor numbers and customer base in a timely manner. Anyone interested in using social media to promote an online store would be wise to heed the following tips.

Post Frequently

In order to garner a large following on various social media platforms, you’ll need to make your store a known presence. You can do this by posting frequently, albeit not excessively, each day. For best results, make sure that each of your posts contains fresh information that your followers will find worthwhile. The better your posts, the higher the likelihood of people sharing them, thus making friends, family members and various acquaintances aware of your store. Additionally, each time a new item is added to your inventory or you decide to hold a sale, take care to bring this to the attention of your followers on social media.



Hold Social Media Contests

You can also generate interest in your store by holding contests on assorted social media platforms. The most popular types of social media contests involve photos. Having people submit photos of themselves using your store’s products or caption pre-existing photos is sure to generate a fair amount of interest from both loyal patrons and prospective customers. To maximize participation, make sure to offer an enticing prize. This prize doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive, but it should be something that people actually want.


Engage With Your Followers

Social media also provides store owners with the perfect customer communication platform. Whenever one of your followers reaches out to you with a question, comment or concern, take care to respond in a timely manner and make them feel as if they’re truly being heard. Making yourself readily accessible to current and prospective patrons will help bolster your store’s reputation and generate positive word of mouth across the social media landscape.

When trying to promote an online store, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the competition and weighed down by self-doubt. After all, even stores that cater to very specific niches have countless online competitors, all of whom are trying to reach the same base. This is where popular social media outlets enter the equation. With the help of mainstays like Facebook and Twitter, you can effectively grow your business and spread the word to thousands of prospective customers. In the quest to promote your store via social media, remember to post regular updates, hold interest-generating contests and engage with your followers one-on-one whenever possible.