The Power of Plaques

To me, as a worker, there was no other time when I felt so happy than when I received recognition from my employer. It is a sign that all the hard work I had put out and the best performance I could try to give did not fail to attract attention. It is not that I work based on whether anyone sees what I do or not, good performance must always be given, with or without someone seeing what I do.

However, it would be nice if everything I do does not go unnoticed. It creates a sense of belonging toward the company I work and it, in turn, encourages me to do even more for the place to which I dedicate my professionalism. So, when my boss gathered everyone to deliver a speech and subsequently called my name to ask me to come forward, my heart blew up in happiness. My boss handed me a plaque that said that I was the employee of the month. And I looked on to my fellow workers in pride, as if I was telling them that if I could do this, they could too. And the award really sent ripples all over the workplace. Everyone seems to be thriving for recognition not unlike what I received.

On the face value, plaques are indeed too simple a thing to be taken seriously. They are only a rectangular (sometimes varied in shape, though) piece of stuff with your name on them and the kind of achievement you get. They are hardly something precious that can be monetized or even sold to get money. But do not sell short on them. A plaque is strong enough to cement your image as a better professional individual. You can use the ones you get to improve your image upon looking for another job, for example. And others may believe in just how dependable and hardworking you are as a person.

If you are someone who is running a company, you should consider giving out plaques to your workers so that they can feel appreciated and recognized. Simple things such as feeling appreciated and contentment from being recognized might look too trivial in and of themselves but their impact is definitely great. They are the kinds of feeling that make people want to give their best and this is good for your company because it gives your business a boost in performance.

Sure, the effects may not be felt in an instant and a raise in salaries may have worked better to gauge better performance from your workers. But plaques are such a more affordable way to pay respect and tribute to your team that these things are essentially a better option to take as well. Order some online today and pick interesting fonts to use on them. Your workers would be more than happy to receive them and hang them on the wall of their home with pride. Choose the color that you like and the surface finish that suits your style.