How To Stream Your Favourite Hulu Shows

As far as Netflix alternatives go, Hulu is one of the best for streaming TV shows and movies. In fact, when you compare Netflix vs Hulu, Hulu scores some major points over Netflix that make it the ideal alternative. Hulu was first designed as an invite-only free streaming platform, but over the years, they changed their business model. Currently, Hulu doesn’t offer the free streaming services and access is through subscription. However, through a partnership with Yahoo view, Hulu offers you access to the most recent episodes of TV Shows for free. Hulu also includes Live TV in their subscription and it is arguably one of the best, if not the best, Live TV streaming services available. Aside from the movies and TV shows, you also gain access to standard, local and regional Live TV as well as cloud-based DVR content. How then, would you go about streaming your favourite shows and movies and TV shows on Hulu?

Create an account

It goes without saying that before you gain access to Hulu content, you need to create an account. To subscribe to Hulu, you first have to pick your ideal pricing plan from one of two plans. The first plan includes commercials and goes for 7.99 USD per month and the second includes no commercials and goes for 11.99 USD per month. After selecting your option, you then have the option to sign in with Facebook or through email. Next, you have to enter your financial information or select a payment method after which you gain access to Hulu content. Hulu with Live TV costs 39.99 USD per month with commercials and 43.99 USD per month without commercials. Hulu offers multi-platform access through a number of devices and you can use any one of them to sign up for your Hulu account.

The only problem with Hulu is that it is only available for the U.S., which means that anyone looking to gain access to Hulu content outside of the U.S. has to use a VPN.

Considerations when choosing a VPN for streaming Hulu content


It goes without saying that you want the best in speed when it comes to streaming. That way, your viewing experience isn’t marred by lags or being forced to watch poor resolutions of your favourite shows. Currently, ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN available, which is an excellent plus because it also happens to be the best in many other ways.

Compatibility and accessibility

Unfortunately, not all VPN services offer Hulu streaming support. When making your choice, therefore, you need to ensure that your VPN of choice is compatible with Hulu. Aside from that, you need to gain access to different U.S.-based servers for this to work.

Security and anonymity

Using a VPN is not entirely illegal, but Hulu might have something to say about that. To remain safe, it is best to ensure that your VPN offers the best in security and anonymity. There should be high-end encryption, zero DNS leaks and other features that increase your security and anonymity.

How to use the VPN to stream your favourite Hulu content

You should connect to a U.S.-based server through your VPN, which masks your actual location and makes it seem as though you are located within the U.S. After that, you create your account and gain instant access to Hulu content.

Who should use the VPN?

Ideally, anyone located outside the U.S. must use a VPN to access Hulu content. However, people located within the U.S. should also consider using a VPN to protect their identities online. The increase in cybercrime paints a worrying picture and it is better to be safe than sorry.