Strategies for Improving Math Skills

Math can be a difficult subject for young students. Many times, they often struggle to grasp the conceptual knowledge of the subject that can abase the chances of advancing their skills in mathematics. The subject not only requires proving the concepts but involves skill building. Skills are the proficiency developed through a lot of practice, experience or training, which are basically acquiring expertise.

Here are some quick ways to help students enhance their skills and knowledge in the subject to be dexterous in the subject of mathematics:

(i) Practice- Math is a subject that requires understanding. Hence, one cannot learn and have masterly skills with a day of practice. It is a well-known fact that practice makes a man perfect, thus the more you practice the better you understand. Some concepts may require more practice in comparison to the other, such as the topic like Area of a circle is quite an easy topic in juxtaposition to the number system. Thus, regular practice can help in your skill development.

(ii) Participate actively- It is quite a necessary part for students to actively involve in the subject, not only when they study but also during their class sessions. Participation will help them to gain confidence and increase chances to understand the concepts.

(iii) Focus more on understanding rather than just memorizing them- One can easily excel in the examination if they focus more on understanding the concepts rather than mugging them up as mathematics involves a proof of everything by one or the other way. By understanding these concepts, the knowledge can be retained for a prolonged time.

(iv) Know various alternative- The solution to mathematical problems can be obtained in more than one way. We can have number of alternative solutions to questions. Knowing more than one solution will help students to enhance their creative thinking ability and reasoning skills.

(v) Help each other- Many times we learn from teaching others. Many experts believe that thorough understanding of concepts can be easily achieved when we try to teach the concepts to others. Answering questions like “How, Why” will force you to understand the in-depth conceptual knowledge. Thus, helps in developing the skill of articulation in complex and confusing concepts.

(vi) Timed test- It is important to incorporate time-based tests to review the performance of the students in mathematics. A time-based test is to test the performance of a student, basically, their speed and their accuracy. For this subject, both these skills need to be mastered. Taking short tests will help teachers to assess the students understanding. Also, students will be aware of their weakness, thus can put in more effort to overcome their weak areas and finally improve their math performance.

These were some important strategies that need to be followed for improving the skills in the subject of mathematics. To learn complex topics like Permutation & Combination, Compound Interest and Math calculation tricks in multiplication and squares of numbers, Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel.