Seasonal Wedding Setbacks and Solutions

Summer is the perfect season for wonderful outdoor weddings. During summer, you can find lots of flowers in all colours and shapes, matching even the craziest wedding themes. However, you should be aware of the following seasonal setbacks and of the possible ways to overcome them.

Setback #1: Intense Heat and Scorching Sun

Your outdoor venue should feature air-conditioning or at least some shade. Local tent searches should come up with plenty of options for wedding marquee hire. However, if you won’t have a tent, try to keep your ceremony sweet and short.

Not only will the heat ruin the ambience for the guests but popular metal wedding gifts like sterling silver wedding cups may end up overheating in the sun as well.

In addition, make sure you have enough cold water and refreshments to offer your guests, as well as some umbrellas. In order to avoid becoming a “blushing bride”, apply a generous layer of sunscreen on your face, cleavage and arms. Alternatively, opt for a powder foundation with SPF and moisturise your skin very well before applying it.

Setback #2: Wilting Blooms

Arrange with your florist to deliver the flowers the day of the wedding. Moreover, consider storing them in a refrigerator until the beginning of the ceremony. Whenever you don’t pose for your photographer, make sure you store the bouquet in a shady spot or in a vase of cool water. Flowers may wilt very quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. If you have to hold them for a longer amount of time, use a small spray water bottle to keep them fresh.

Setback #3: Summer Showers

Summer is definitely a perfect season for weddings. However, summer showers may occur exactly when you don’t need them. It’s best to have a backup plan should a summer shower spoil your event. In some areas, this is a big risk, so you should prepare for it by all means. The easiest solution is to book an indoor venue nearby.

Setback #4: Insects

Summer is the time when most bugs are active and thriving. They could be very annoying, so you should hire an exterminator to spray the area a few days before the ceremony, in order to keep those pesky mosquitos away from your guests. You should also make some supplies of bug spray and repellents such as citronella candles and incense sticks. You may want to take a look at the Aromaflage – insect repellent, as it comes in cute bottles and it has an agreeable perfume. You can place these repellents on the tables.

Setback #5: Busy Season For Venues and Suppliers

As almost everybody wants a summer wedding, it’s easy to understand the best venues get booked the first. As soon as you decide to get married, start searching for wedding venues and book one as early as possible. In addition, do research to find the best vendors and try to reach an agreement with them sooner rather than later. As most vendors are going to be busy with lots of weddings, you have to make sure you coordinate all of them, so that you can have everything you need by the time you need it.

Setback #6: Not Too Many Free Weekends

Since this is the season of long holiday weekends and summer vacations, there are actually very few convenient wedding weekends available. Consider sending out your invitations about nine months in advance or even earlier. As people book their summer holidays many months in advance, the earlier they know about your wedding, the more chances you have to have them as guests. In addition, you’ll be competing with the weddings of other people, so your friends may have to choose between you and someone else. The sooner you invite them, the better so send your save-the-dates as soon as you have a firm date for your wedding.