Ransomware Attack Reveals Bitcoin as an Accessory to Cybercrime

With the Ransomware cyberattack that has been going on lately, the removing complaints from Google company has seen more complaints about company’s like bitcoin who is a good thing suddenly turned to evil uses. Bitcoin will only be going downhill from now on since the ‘’digital payment system has revealed itself as a dangerous tool of criminal oppression”.

The cyberattackers have been using bitcoin as their primary source to ask victims of this cyberattack for cash in order to release their data. No one knows for sure if their data is actually being held by the hackers yet some organizations such as hospitals and clinics cannot risk not knowing this therefore have paid up to 600$ to receive their files back. Those who have paid this time will be targeted the second time round when another cyberattack happens from Ransomware and WannaCry.

Now it is said that bitcoin has become an enabler of illegal activity such as the Ransomware attach and so have other services with the same concept as bitcoin. As we speak, cash continues to dribble into the bitcoin accounts that are associated with the malware but there is little evidence according to Tom Bossert that people who paid the ransom have had their computers restored. Bitcoin has been an amazing invention by being able to create reliable value-in-exchange from bits to bytes but due to this Ransomware cyberattack, the crytocurrency has seen a sharp fall. Many consumers that use bitcoin will no longer be using it due to this malicious cyberattack. It will be a little difficult to get rid of bitcoin itself but some would like to try thinking it will stop further cyberattacks from occurring. Although one thing is certain, that is that the trend commercial bitcoin accepted here sign will lose its appeal to the public.