Purchasing Medical Insurance For Your Horse

There is a saying in the horse industry that the way to make a small fortune in horses is to start with a large fortune. Nowhere else is this as true as when you are considering healthcare. Horses are large animals who are often injury prone, flighty and have sensitive digestive systems. All of these things combine to make medical bills a concern for anyone with horses.

One way to keep a handle on medical expenses is to invest in health insurance for horses. Having health coverage for your animals helps make treatment more affordable. You may consider health insurance for your horse a luxury, but the fact that it allows you to have veterinary care without worrying about costs makes it invaluable.

Health insurance for horses does not cover routine maintenance, such as vaccinations or Coggins tests. Instead, it covers medical treatment that is needed because of illness, accidents or disease. This means colic, lameness, and EPM, among other health concerns. You can also attach this insurance to mortality or loss of use insurance, which would reimburse you if lose the loss of your horse through injury or death.

If your horse has preexisting conditions, such as if he has already undergone colic surgery or suffers from navicular, your insurance policy may exclude coverage on those issues. It is important to talk with your insurance agent so you know exactly what is covered under your policy. Having to sort through your paperwork and make sense of it at 2 am in the dark with a sick horse is not the best use of your time.

Selecting an insurance agent that has experience selling health insurance for horses is important. This is a niche field and you want to work with someone who has extensive experience working with owners and veterinarians. They should be willing to discuss the various situations covered under your policy, what steps you should take when you need to file a claim, and exactly how the claim process works. Insurance is meant to make your life less stressful and more affordable, and working with an experienced agent is one way to ensure that it does.