Why Paint Your Home Wainscoting Panels White

As wall decorations, wainscoting and trim must make a difference to the overall elegance of the room without getting all the attention. They should act as our ‘partners in crime’ when attempting to lift or lower the ceiling, enlarge the space, or create a cozy feeling. And so the interior trims along with the wall panels must match our style today but also every time we decide to redecorate. Although there are many designs and sizes to meet the structural, architectural and decorative details and needs of each room, the color plays a huge role in the final outcome and first impressions. And nobody can go wrong with white.

Nothing compares with a white shaker

Bored of having the classic wainscoting painted white? Don’t be. Even if you are not a fan of white and love colorful rooms, it can’t get more colorful than white. Sounds strange? It’s not. Let us just say that there are many ‘white colors’. Want the walls bright white? Creamy? Cotton balls white? Ivory white?Grayish? There are more whites than you think. They are actually white with a splash of gray or cream to give a slightly different tone.

How to choose the right white for the best wall renovation results?

It depends on the other colors in the room. Is your coffered ceiling white? What’s the color of the floor? Are there big windows in the room? How do all these relate to each other and how they affect the white you choose to paint your walls? Simple.

It’s always best to match the white of the ceiling with the white of the wall. But the crown molding can be painted in a slightly different tone to stand out and create depth. As for the floor, don’t forget that its color will reflect on the walls and slightly change their color depending on the time of day and how much natural light comes in. That’s why the windows play a great role too. If most days are cloudy in your area, you need brighter whites. To avoid odd reflections and white walls turning gray or yellow, stick with the basic white colors and don’t get too creamy or pinky ones.

Why white walls make the best choice

With white wainscoting panels, the room looks much larger.

White is easy to paint and re-paint. Imagine having to paint over red or green. It will be tiresome, time-consuming, and expensive.

White creates the base for all other objects to bring out their color. With white walls, you can use wall decors, drapes, rugs, and furniture to dress up each room without worrying whether they all match or not.

Of course, you can still choose to paint the beadboard white and choose another color for the wall. It might be contrasting or another shade of white. Whatever you choose, the white wainscoting will look perfect simply because it goes well with all shades in the coloring palette. And white wainscoting paired with white trims will bring out any other color and thus make the room more colorful than you think.

White molding bring out the color of the walls

White molding is the best choice. It won’t only match well with the white wainscoting but will also bring out the style of your walls and ceilings. As a matter of fact, when the walls are painted in green, blue, red, yellow or other colors, white trims become a must. Why? Because they give emphasis on the wall color.

When white trims are paired with modern wainscoting panels, they become a focal point in the most subtle way. They make a bold statement and their design is accentuated without any effort. A white door casing will enhance the passage from one room to the next bringing elegance to space even if this is the hallway. It will be classic, yet very contemporary. It won’t clash with colorful walls making spaces busy. And white trims will also work wonders when there is too much wood around. It will ‘break’ the rustic looks.

So, why choose white for the shaker wainscoting and trims?

  • To make the room fresh, inviting, and cozy – don’t be afraid that white will make the room cold. It will be colored by other accessories, furniture, and objects.
  • To open up the space and give the impression of cleanliness.
  • To highlight the color of the remaining wall but also the design of moldings and wainscotings.
  • To succeed when renovating the house without giving it too much thought.

One last tip: use the same white for all trims and wainscoting boards for even more impressive results.