All You Need to Know About the Importance of Inflatable Hygiene

Between the months of June and August, we will see a large amount of summer parties and family fun days taking place. The summer months are a time for games and the majority of businesses plan to offer their staff well-being events for the season. Unfortunately, the summer is also a period when bugs and bacteria make an appearance thriving in the warm, humid weather. The last thing you want as an event host is for the function to become a breeding ground for illness. Therefore, it is important to prioritise the hygiene of all inflatable activities. This article will provide information on the importance of inflatable hygiene.

• Inflatable Hygiene for the Customer

“The first consideration to make as a customer is that the equipment received as part of the inflatable hire kit is clean and hygienic,” says event organisers at Little Monsters. Review the activity equipment for any leftover grass or litter from a previous event. When using equipment such as an inflatable assault course, the shape of the equipment can be large and complex; therefore, the checking procedure can be a challenging task. If it is difficult for you to visually check large items of equipment, then you should be wary of any smells that will indicate that the equipment hired has been stored while dirty or wet.

• Inflatable Hygiene for the Supplier

The main action to complete when cleaning inflatable equipment is undertaking regular checks and maintenance. Consistent cleaning of the equipment, regardless of whether it is a human table football game or a base jump activity, can result in short-term and long-term benefits. Not only will the set ups at events be easier to complete, but the maintenance of the inflatable products can extend the lifespan of the item. This means that the length of use will be improved keeping the item fresher for years to come.

• Doing the Dirty Work

Cleaning the inflatable equipment is a methodical procedure for suppliers requiring a “top to bottom” approach. If the activity presents with a roof or arch, such as the ball run challenge or go-kart track, then it is best to begin with the item deflated. Once the cleaning of the deflated item is completed, it can be inflated to clean the interior of the equipment.

Once reaching the bottom of the item, do not neglect it! If you begin cleaning with the item placed on a ground sheet, it will not become as dirty during the cleaning procedure.

• Hanging the Equipment out to Dry

After cleaning the equipment, it is vital that the inflatable is dried before being stored. The United Kingdom does present with unpredictable hours of sunshine; therefore, it is important to be adaptable regarding the cleaning procedure and keep an eye on the weather forecast – or have a large indoor drying area.

• Inspecting the Equipment Detail

The key to a reputable supplier is the quality of safety and hygiene of the inflatable entertainment products. After its first year, and each year thereafter, the inflatable products need to be tested to ensure they are safe to use by customers and are in good repair. It is for this reason that suppliers must continue to use the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) professionals offering a peace of mind to customers regarding the longevity of our inflatable products.

There are two key factors to take into account when maintaining the hygiene of inflatable entertainment equipment. Firstly, use a reputable supplier who will provide clean items of high-quality. Second, ensure that all safety checks are completed with focus on hygiene of the equipment. By keeping your consumers safe from bacteria in the event, it is certain that you will have a popular event that is enjoyed by all attendants.