Make A Living Out Of Your Art

The right career for you will be the one that combines your passion and interests with the ability to earn a good income and progress as you learn and grow. For many creative people, there may be a concern that they won’t be able to find work that combines their love for their artistic endeavours with a reliable career. Rest assured, there are plenty of great options out there that give you room to stretch your imagination without sacrificing an income. Here are just a few ideas


Woodwork may be a handy skill to have around the house, but it can also be highly creative. Carpenters may often work in construction and renovation, but they can also get artistic with their talent and design their own furniture or create interesting features and décor. If this type of career appeals to you, you may want to look into how to get carpentry license nsw so you can get qualified and start your dream job.


Writing is certainly an art, but it’s also a lucrative skill that could earn you good money in the long term. Whether you want to go into fiction and create your own world out of your imagination or try your hand at a corporate job like copywriting or web content production, there are plenty of strategies to make your way with words work for you as a career.


Music doesn’t have to be something you do as a hobby in your spare time – it can also be your work. There are plenty of jobs out there that allow you to utilise your musical skills, from teaching kids in schools to play instruments or sing to composing music for films and television. If you already have a career but would love to make some extra cash out of your talent, you could always tutor others in your instrument of choice after school hours.


Film involves an immense amount of creativity and talent, all the way from the set designers to the director and actors. Wherever your talents lie, if you have a passion for art and film you may find that you have an important role to play in the film industry.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are certainly artists in their own right – they just use computer programs to express themselves rather than paint and palettes. Graphic designers work in web design, marketing, advertising, and a wide range of industries to help brands get their message across in a compelling and unique way.


As an architect, you can use your drawing and art skills alongside mathematical aptitude and specialised training to make the buildings or homes in your imagination come to life. It’s a rewarding and often lucrative career that requires a good deal of training and education but plenty of fulfilment.

Interior Design

Interior designers use their creativity and unique vision to create beautiful spaces and a unique aesthetic in residential homes and commercial buildings. If you’ve always loved rearranging your home and placing your décor in a way that looks stylish and sophisticated, you could certainly excel as an interior designer. You may have to market yourself and develop a strong professional image in the industry, but with time you could have a successful career on your hands.