Your London to Liverpool Road Trip Planner

If you are familiar with the route, it will be easy for you to travel from London to Liverpool. The distance from London to Liverpool is approximately 176 miles (283 km). You need to have some precise instructions if you are to drive alone. If you are going to hire a driver who knows the route, then you will keep smiling all the way to Liverpool. You will be astonished to see yourself reaching Liverpool without being fatigued.

Another one option is to rent a car in London airport. With a GPS-device, it will not be difficult to reach Liverpool. The following information will help you get to Liverpool by car.

Liverpool is about 212 miles northwest of London through the M62, M42, M6 and M1 motorways. When the road is free of traffic, it only take you around 4 hours of driving. Is that a lot of time for you?

Remember that in the United Kingdom, gasoline is referred as petrol and is retailed in liters. The price for a liter is between $1.50 and $2. Rather than driving nonstop from London to Liverpool, it is advisable to stop at various destinations and look out for some tea and perhaps lunch. When you do this, definitely you are going to enjoy your journey and keep fresh memories of it in your mind.

Let us assume that you depart from London at10:00 am. If there is no traffic, drive at a moderate speed for one full hour. Driving at low speeds will enable you to go viewing the areas you will be passing through. At around 11:00 am you will be in Oxford. You can have a cup of coffee in one of the cafes of Oxford. Relax there for about half an hour.

Leave Oxford at about 11:30 pm. Drive for around 45 minutes and you will reach Stratford-upon-Avon at around 12:15 pm. Ensure having your lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon for approximately one hour. Leave this beautiful city at 1:15 pm and drive for another hour.

You will reach Stoke-on-Trent at 2:30 pm. Rest for half an hour and enjoy some juice in a café. Then, drive for 40 minutes and you will be in Manchester at around 3:40 pm. You should enter one of the luxurious restaurants and have some tea there. Drive for last 35 minutes and you will arrive to Liverpool at about 4:30 pm. Does it sound like an interesting journey? Of course, it is. Having various stopovers will ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and enjoyed.

Travelling from London to Liverpool by a car requires knowing the route well. To enjoy the journey completely, always try to stop in various towns and have something to drink or eat.