Learn different ways of using testosterone enanthate!!

It is important to know the ways to take a steroid, so as to get its benefits and avoid its side effects. The testosterone is prescribed to men in its different forms during the low testosterone levels along with the symptoms affecting the quality of life. This is available in different forms including a gel, cream, Transdermal patch or its injectable form. The guidance for using testosterone differs on the type of the drug prescribed.

Along with the dosage information, it is essential to know about the milligram strength as well, so as to take it in the way, as directed by the doctor. For instance, the creams or gels are rubbed on the skin, the injections are taken intramuscularly, patches are placed on the skin, etc. Using testosterone enanthate in a responsible way enables an individual to enjoy its benefits and avoid its side effects. Below mentioned is the way to take injections:

The individuals are being told the way to inject the solution using the syringe or needle in the body. This generally comes on the basis of prescription. Some of the injectables come in the form of pre-measured ampoules and some in the form of pre-measured vial. The injections are generally recommended for the large muscles. The individuals are supposed to ask the doctor about the way of injecting before leaving his office. The individuals, if want to enjoy the benefits of the dosage recommended, they must learn the way to take testosterone shots.

The application of the testosterone agents must be carefully done in certain areas of the body. This ensures the proper absorption of medication as well as helps in avoiding the contact with women and children of the topical medication. Androgel is one of the most popular type of topical testosterone medication. The dosage of this gel is measured at different pumps. The individuals are told about the number of pumps needed by him.

The dosage of the medication varies from one individual to another on the basis of hormone levels, age, reason for taking testosterone, etc. The individuals are recommended to follow the instructions of the doctor, as well as the manufacturer for applying the topical product. As per the manufacturer of the Androgel, the method of proper application involves:

  • Cleaning the skin of upper arms or shoulders
  • Applying the gel same time every morning
  • Squeezing the recommended number of pumps from the container on the palm of the hand or directly on the application site.
  • Rubbing the gel into the skin of upper arm or shoulder
  • Carefully washing hands with soap and water as well as the bottle of the Androgel
  • Waiting for the gel to dry until dressing.

The individuals must keep in mind that it should be kept away from the reach of women and children. Also, the Androgel must not be applied to the private parts of the body. The right way of using testosterone enanthate is the only way to enjoy its benefits and get rid of its side effects.