Interesting Reasons to Try Talk Therapy

Many people grew up believing that it’s not right to talk about personal issues with other people. But “sweeping it under the rug” is not only unhelpful; it can also lead to all sorts of problems including depression.

Psychologists in the West Island of Montreal and other experts have long advocated the need for talk therapy as it can address the causes and symptoms of psychological problems. While there are drugs that treat the symptoms, they do not really do much to resolve the underlying cause.

Here are some pretty good reasons to consider talk therapy.

  1. The benefits of therapy are long lasting.

What makes talk therapy truly beneficial is that it gives you the tools to deal with issues that may affect you in the future. The treatment is psychodynamic and the process is internalized so that it will still be useful even after the therapy is complete.

  1. It can treat physical symptoms.

A person who is going through a psychological issue such as anxiety or depression will experience physical symptoms. That’s because when people’s feelings are bottled up inside for a long time, their bodies will react in the form of sleeping problems, headaches, and stomach pains. With therapy, these physical ailments are improved.

  1. Talk therapy will give you a fresh perspective.

Not only will talk therapy give you a better perspective of yourself, but it will also enable you to understand others better. When we become engrossed with negative thoughts and feelings, they become so ingrained in us that we only see the world through this lens of negativity. So we make assumptions about other people, which may or may not be true.

  1. Repressed emotions will pile up and haunt you later on.

Not processing your feelings and traumas won’t make them go away. What you’re doing is basically piling them up and allowing them to fester you in subtle ways until they explode.

  1. Talking about your issues make them manageable.

If you’ve ever experienced thinking about a problem over and over again, you probably know that doing this is just a waste of time, as it doesn’t really get you anywhere. But when you talk about a problem with someone, it sort of gives it shape and helps you wrap your brain around it. Laying out the issue with someone is helpful because it will become more logical and therefore more manageable.

  1. Therapy will rewire your brain.

Psychotherapy can rewire your brain and change the activity in your medial prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, anterior cingulate cortex and amygdala – these areas control your worry thoughts, emotions, and fears.

Cognitive behavior therapy in particular, enables people to pinpoint negative thought patterns that they tend to have and replace them with more positive habits.

  1. Therapy can spare you from self-medicating.

A lot of people self-medicate to help deal with their psychological problems. But doing this doesn’t really address the root cause, and instead, it may only worsen it. With therapy, you get to the root of the issue and when you’re no longer dealing with these negative things, then you won’t have to self-medicate.

Talk therapy may have been considered a taboo in the past, but today, it is widely acknowledged as a vital element for a healthy mind and body. If you are dealing with psychological issues, speaking with a psychologist should be considered. It’s certainly so much better than feeling resentful and repressing one’s thoughts or feelings.