Interesting Denpasar Tourist Attractions For Visit

When you want memorable vacation, come to Denpasar tourist attractions is a best choice. Denpasar is a city located in Bali. Bali itself is a famous tourist spot with beautiful beaches like paradise. Bali becomes a tourist destination for many people because in addition to having a beautiful beach, Bali also has a unique and interesting culture. Usually, when visiting Bali, Kuta is a city that is often on the go for a vacation. Because Kuta has a beach with white sand with an awesome view. But actually, Denpasar also has interesting tourist attraction for you.

If you look at Denpasar tourist attractions map, you will find many tourist attractions in Denpasar that you can visit. Although most of the interesting tourist attractions are outside Denpasar, but the city still provides many choices of tourist locations. Some of the tourist locations that you can find in Denpasar are as follows.

  • Learn Balinese History and Art, Bali Museum

The first place you can visit while in Denpasar is Bali museum. This museum holds many historical and ethnographic objects. Some of these collections are life, art, religious, writing and other things that reflect the life and development of Balinese culture.

  • Appreciate Balinese Architecture, Pura Jagatnatha

Pura Jagatnatha was built in 1953 with a position facing Mount Agung where the Balinese Hindu people believe that the mountain is the palace of the Gods. This temple is still routinely used as a place to pray and perform various religious rituals. On the other side Pura Jagatnatha also become one of the tourist icons of Denpasar city visited by many tourists.

  • Blood Boiling and Heroic Atmosphere, Puputan Field

Puputan Field is one of the bustling parks visited by tourists in Denpasar. The name of this park is taken from a historic event that is very important in Bali is Puputan War. Puputan War is a war between Balinese societies led by the King of Denpasar against Dutch colonialism.

  • Sailing in warm Sunrise, Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is the spot to watch the beautiful sunset. This beach is located in the east of the island of Bali or precisely in the city of Denpasar. In addition to the famous sunrise phenomenon, Sanur beach is also a surf spot with its famous waves to all corners of the world. At other points there is also a snorkeling spot and also diving for the lovers of water activities.

  • Enjoyment of Art, Werdhi Budaya Art Center

Werdhi Budaya is a place of original Balinese art. Every year in this place is regularly held Bali art festival. The event will be participated by all districts that each exhibits a distinctive art from the region. At the event also it is usually opened by displaying participants from other countries such as Japan, China and Korea.

What you read above is the Denpasar tourist attractions review we presented for you. If you have a vacation plan to Bali, do not forget to go to Denpasar. Because in here you will be able to go deeper become part of the Balinese culture.