Human Resource Planning

The goal of a human resource manager is to take the steps in HR planning by assessing the current human resources at an organization and then assessing the future human resources that are needed to develop a program to meet those future needs. When you are assessing current human resources, you’ll look into the human resources inventory and the job analysis. The human resource inventory is a review of the current human resources status and the HR management information systems track employee information for policy and strategic needs such as their education, training and specialized skills. For the job analysis, this includes having an assessment that defines a job and the behaviors that are necessary to perform them such as the knowledge, skills and abilities. Also, this involves having information gathered by observation, interview, surveys or employee activity records.


It is important when you are assessing you current HR, to always make sure to have written job descriptions which is a written statement of what the jobholder does, how it is done and why is it done, this involves job content, environment and employment conditions. A job specification is also very important since this involves a written statement of the minimum qualifications to perform a job successfully such as their attitudes, skills and human traits along with their knowledge. When you are staffing the organization, there is the recruitment part which means to locate, identify, and attract capable applicants to an organization. Reputation Management matters a lot for an organization. There is also the term of decruitment which is to reduce an organizations workforce by either laying people off permanently or temporarily or seasonal. There are major sources of potential job candidates that you can use such as the internet with different social media sites, and websites, employee referrals are also a great way, company website by posting job offers, college and university recruiting for entry level positions and also through professional recruiting organizations.