Why it is Good to Purchase Roof Ladders from OEM and not Third Party Vendors?

Roof ladders are one of the most useful tools homeowners and professionals need to perform various tasks on the roof. Working on your roof is always dangerous and easily lead to accidents. This is the reason why roofers, DIY homeowners, and home improvement professionals choose specialized roof ladders designed by reputed manufacturers to create the safest possible work environment. With a good roof ladder, you can clean and maintain your chimney or solar system without any fear. Professionals also use these types of ladders when roofing homes or making repairs on roof.

Range of Products

No matter whether you are a DIY homeowner and are looking for a roof ladder to perform a small paint job on your roof or you are a professional and want a roof ladder to complete the repairing job on your client’s home, the roof manufacturers will offer you a range of products to choose from. Each ladder offered by the manufacturers is designed to fit specific conditions and made with standardized components for better flexibility and efficiency. The most important thing is that the ladders offered by the manufacturers are custom engineered with standard parts and components to meet any conditions.


Good roof ladder manufacturers always have a reputation of being among the sturdiest in the industry. Reputed manufacturers always use high-quality, high strength aircraft grade aluminum alloy to make their ladders. Ladders made by a reputed manufacturer always come with extra safety and longer life, while meeting strict OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Maintenance Free

Roof ladders offered by reputed manufacturers are virtually maintenance-free. Most aluminum roof ladders never need painting and they are made with superior scratch resistance materials. Also, these types of ladders are designed to fit some specific conditions, for flexibility and efficiency.

Safe to Use

Most roof ladders designed by the reputed manufacturers are checked for safety and come with a clear label of indicating approvals and safety instructions. The types of approval your ladder has usually vary according to the laws in your state. However, the most professional roof ladders will surely have an OSHA and ANSI approval. Having these types of approval means your roof ladder is safe for use in professional environments. However, you need to check the quality of the ladder when purchasing the same. No matter how many safety tests a roof ladder has undergone, even the high quality ladders can suffer broken rungs.

There are many different types of roof ladders that use flat steps of varying widths. Each of these steps is chosen for a specific angle. Flat steps actually offer the best support when climbing at an angle. You can also choose fixed angle ladder that comes with non-slip ridges on the top and they are permanently affixed to the side-rails by using 8 solid rivets per step Flush.