Fun Theme Ideas For Your Wedding Day

 Are you planning to tie the knot soon? Congratulations! While not every couple chooses to incorporate a theme into their wedding, it can be a really fun way to bring some of your own unique personality to the day, while also giving the wedding a sense of cohesion and simplifying the planning process. If you’d love to go with a theme but feel a little stuck for ideas, don’t worry. Here are a few fun popular themes to get your creative energy flowing and to inspire you for your special day.

Old-school vintage romance:

This trending theme never seems to go out of style, and for good reason. Vintage weddings tend to have a classic, sophisticated feel that can be ideal for such a special day. You can capture the tone of this theme by choosing a vintage or vintage-look gown, using rustic furnishings to create an old-fashioned atmopshere, and playing with quirky accessories for the decor to really personalise the vintage concept. Of course, you can still use the best modern technology to capture your special day – make sure you work with an experienced and talented photographer like Daniel Griffiths Photography so you can capture all of those beautiful little details, as well as providing mementos you can treasure forever.

Beach wedding:

If you live near the beach, you could have easy access to a timeless and wonderfully budget-friendly theme idea. Beach weddings are perfect for spring and summer. They allow your guests to dress down if you’re hoping to create a less formal vibe on your big day, and they give you the opportunity to incorporate your love for nature and beautiful scenery into your wedding. Some couples choose to go all-out with this theme and incorporate quirky beach-holiday themed treats into their menu for the day and work beautiful seaside colour palettes in their decor.

Boho chic:

The bohemian wedding trend cropped up a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. You can embrace this trend by wearing a flowing, hippie-inspired gown with long loose waves and flowers in your hair, as well as incorporating wild floral details and nature-inspired colours into your decor. Don’t forget plenty of braids and loose, comfortable gowns for the bridesmaids and a laid back look for the groom to really embrace the theme.

Classic romance:

If you’re an old-fashioned bride who wants your special wedding day to be all about the traditional romantic look, that’s fabulous, too. Don’t feel pressured to do something quirky and whimsical just because it might look cool on Pinterest. A classic, traditional wedding day theme embraces beautiful flower arrangements, pristine white or cream table settings with plenty of roses, candles, chandeliers, and anything else that makes you feel loved-up and luxurious.


The rustic wedding takes the things you love about nature and the vintage trend and brings it together for a beautiful, rural atmosphere. For this theme, consider embracing a DIY approach to your decor. This may mean stringing up fairy lights, making your own candle holders for the tables, and using a colour scheme with gorgeous shades of brown, orange, and green. Remember, though, the theme is just a guideline. It’s your special day – so start with the inspiration and then make it your own.