Do You Want to See the Results of Winstrol Only Cycle?

Body builders and sports people all over the world use Winstrol and obtain wonderful results that are hard to believe. Therefore, it is important to discuss about it and decide should one continue with Winstrol only cycle or stack it with some other drug to get better results.

How beginners benefit from Winstrol only cycle

If a man or woman takes only Winstrol for getting the result then it will be considered as Winstrol only cycle. It is better to use it during cutting cycle.  As regards as the dosage intake you must refer to websites meant for body builders. You must preferably start with minimum dose if you are first time user. Observe the reaction of your body for initial few days. The dosage for oral and injections are as follows

  • If you are using injection then take 50 mg every alternate day and make sure that your weekly intake is 200 mg.
  • If you are taking tablets then take 30 mg every day for first 8 weeks.

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For intermediate Winstrol cycle

Intermediate winstrol cycle during cutting will be something like this.

  • For first 8 weeks, take injection of 100 mg every alternate day so that in a week you get 400 mg dose. In case, you prefer to take tablet then take 60 mg per day.
  • For next 10 weeks, take 100 mg testosterone weekly

Few other people also suggest 50 mg a day for six weeks and also with 4-week Winstrol only cycle. Therefore, many people have different opinions based on their individual experience. Sometimes there can be certain side effects too.

What should you before start Winstrol only cycle?

Try to obtain maximum information from various sources before you decide to start your Winstrol only cycle. To take right amount of dosage appropriate potency is very important to get your desired results in a safe manner.

The recommendations from different sources may not always be the same. Also, there are some users who may be of beginner or intermediate level and few may be advanced level users. Therefore, the opinion at different levels may vary.

During bulking cycle, body builders must consume high calorie foods to get better muscles. It should also be supplemented with protein diet as well.

During cutting cycle, body builders must reduce calorie intake and engage in more cardiovascular exercises to get rid of excess fat.