Convert your FLV Files

Among the variety of formats, FLV is probably one of the least convenient. It is not widely supported by programs and platforms, and it may compress your videos with a significant quality loss.

However, the incompatibility with editors and players remains the most annoying problem. Don’t you hate it when you’ve got a bunch of videos that can’t be associated with any of the apps installed on your PC or Mac? The obvious solution is to convert FLV to MP4, or any other format that can be opened in any program or on any device. You can easily do it with Movavi Video Converter.

You can select whatever format you want – MP4, AVI, MOV or any other option convenient for you. If you struggle with choosing the format that will be supported by your mobile device, the program offers you a selection of ready-made presets for smartphones and tablets. You can either find your model on the list or plug the device into the computer – the program will suggest the appropriate settings after identifying it.

You can also upload your converted files straight to the iTunes gallery – this option is available when you choose the destination folder for saving.

In addition to the abundance of possible output formats, there are simple tools for basic editing. By using them you can enhance both video and audio tracks before converting files. For instance, color correction. You can adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation manually, or apply Magic Enhance and other automatic quality improving filters. As for other enhancement tools, there are also means to stabilize jittery footage and eliminate digital noise.

Manage the sound volume and normalize it, if necessary. The program uses peak normalization, that allows you to increase the volume as much as it’s possible, without affecting the file quality. You can also reduce the level of background noise if it interferes too much with the audio stream.

You can easily get rid of all unnecessary parts of the video, just by cutting them away. The precise trimming tool lets you mark the exact segment for deleting. Other editing options include working with subtitles and watermarks, cropping, and rotating.

Speaking of quality improving, there is another way to do it. When you select the output format for your files you can choose the resolution as well, or manually increase its bitrate. All of that will affect the resulting file size, of course.

However, the size does not matter. The support for Intel and NVIDIA technologies, as well as SuperSpeed mode available in the program, let you convert your several large files simultaneously at high speed.

In comparison with its analogs, Movavi Video Converter is much more convenient, considering its multifunctionality. Not only do you get your files ready in no time, but also significantly improve their quality. From now on, FLV incompatibility won’t bother you anymore.