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During the coldest winter months, it’s probably true you’ll hear a story on television or read one in the paper about an individual or family who was severely sickened or died from carbon monoxide (CO2) poisoning. A silent, odorless killer, CO2 can permeate a home quickly and, if detectors are not set up, can cause severe and detrimental damage. Some of these situations are due to damaged or old furnaces. Other situations are due to heating units which aren’t properly maintained.

You can’t overlook proper maintenance connected to furnace installation. In addition to potential releases of CO2, the incorrect setup of a furnace can lead to the voiding of manufacturer warranties. That means repairs come out of your pocket instead of from the company. So, even though you may feel you’re handy enough to perform the installation, it’s highly recommended to let a team of professionals handle it.

There are numerous heating and cooling companies which can help you. Some of them, like Fox Valley Heating and Cooling, have been working with furnaces for over a century, so they know something about the challenges. What you need to know when choosing a company to install your furnace is their history. Today, it’s easier than ever to read reviews at places like Yelp and Angie’s List to get an idea of how a company fares. If the ratio of positive to negative reviews is high, then it might be a company to consider. If it’s the other way around, then it’s best to avoid them.

Once you’ve chosen the company you want to install your furnace you want to get a written quote on the cost of the unit as well as installation. During this process have them walk you through the steps required to install the unit. If they’re hesitant to provide details, then you may want to look elsewhere. Make sure the professional who helps you can provide necessary details and answer any of your questions.

Finally, don’t wait for winter to install a new furnace. Make this happen before the first leaves fall from the trees. That way, the furnace can be properly tested to make sure its installation is solid.