8 Tips for Creating an Inviting Restaurant Patio in Melbourne

Outdoor dining in itself is an idea that sounds wonderful to about anyone. To boost your business success in Melbourne, you need to make sure you’re grabbing customers’ attention at the very first sight. The restaurant patio plays a huge role here. Since you can’t afford to go wrong, you may want to consider the tips below to make it charming, inviting and ultimately, competitive.

  1. Make a real stone deck

Natural stone is expensive, but is worth it. It’s durable and suits a plethora of styles. Besides, the attractiveness factor is extremely high. People are totally attracted to natural stone, it creates the oasis they’ve been craving for and that’s precisely what you want your restaurant to be. Choose medium or large slates of stone for the best effect.

  1. Don’t run away from wicker chair and tables

Wicker may sound too much of a cliché, but you should not run away from it. It’s got the same appeal as natural stone or wood and creates cosiness. Wicker furniture Melbourne creators have come up with brand new designs that make a lasting impression. Their contemporary charm will make such pieces a perfect match to almost any interior.

chair and tables

  1. Freshen up the colour scheme

It’s easier and cheaper than you might expect, especially if you are going to choose fabric/textile elements. Outdoor trends this year promote contrasts and bold colours. Whatever the theme may be, you can pick a few elements – chair cushions, pillows, table cloths, napkins, vases, flower bouquets – and have these in the same shade. It can be a contrasting one, like white to black, or perhaps a vivid colour to enliven the atmosphere.

  1. Add lighting elements

Whether your restaurant stays open for the night or only for the evening, you should consider adapting it to the daylight patterns. Once the sun is down, you should use small lights, like LEDs or candles, to delight your guests. Hanging lanterns are a great idea as well. Shop around to find the latest trends. Customers are drawn to venues with special lightning.

  1. Take the kitchen outdoors

If there’s enough room, bring the kitchen out as well. There’s something extraordinary about food aroma being carried by fresh air. It arouses everyone’s appetite, much more than it does indoors. Let the fragrances greet your guests and then subtly melt away.

  1. Add attractive railing

Never underestimate the power of railings. When chosen correctly, these enhance the view and become an important aesthetic factor. Pick a material and shape that suits the general theme of your restaurant.

  1. Add privacy panels

You may use any suitable panels, fabric or drapery for this purpose. Your guests will appreciate it when you create a more intimate place for dining. Besides, it’s completely amazing to have a space of your own while being outdoors.

  1. Create outdoor glamour

We always pair outdoor dining with rural or garden themes, although we could be far more daring than that. How about crystal chandeliers? Don’t be afraid to step up your game. Glamour elements can go very well with flowers and greenery.

Make the most of what you’ve already got. Current trends involve eclecticism and surprising pairings; therefore, you can overlay new trends over an existing theme. If you’re unsure about what to do, consult with an interior decoration specialist.