5 Types of Tile to Transform the Kitchen and Bath

Updating the flooring and counters of the kitchen and bath may seem complicated with the wide variety of choices available. Below are five of the best tile products to consider to make a dramatic change in the looks of your home.


Ceramic tile is comprised of clay and other natural materials that are fire-baked in a kiln to produce a beautiful and lasting finish. The variety of colors and patterns make it a hit for many contemporary homes. It offers an easy t clean surface that will last for many years. It is impervious to staining but can be chipped, or broken with an object of extreme weight being dropped to the surface. Overall it is considered durable for the price.


Porcelain tile is a little stronger than ceramic since the clay is in a more purified form. It is also made by fire-baking in a kiln and provides a variety of colors and patterns to match nearly any existing decor. One of the more popular uses is for backsplashes and counters. It is simple to clean and impervious to staining.


Travertine is a tough stone used for tile floors that come in a remarkable array of attractive colors and designs. The surface is porous and can become stained. You need to blot up spills right way and use cleaners that are safe for natural stone. Travertine is versatile and can be used in any location of the home.


Marble tiles can be used to create an elegant entryway statement for any home. It is also commonly used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. It is used far less for kitchen and bathroom floors due to the tendency to retain stains. It is also subject to being scratched, but it is perfect for counters as long as spills are taken care of right away. It can make a bold change to your interior right away.


Granite is one of the toughest stones used for tile and countertops. It comes in attractive colors and styles that provide natural beauty to your surroundings. It is a porous material that should have a protective coating applied periodically. It will reduce the chance of permanent stains. This is also a tile material that should be cleaned with products that are safe for natural stone.

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