3 Tech Tips for Doing E-Commerce Customer Service the Right Way

With the emergence of new types of technology, many businesses are finding it easier than ever to engage in e-commerce. Along with the ability to sell to customers around the world through our websites, we are also engaging with customers in new spaces, such as in social media and in our blogs and newsletters. All of these various ways to reach out to customers means that we also have new ways to interact and help our current clients.

But while such software as the latest version of the Microsoft dynamics ax will give us more information and organize it more efficiently, there is still room for innovation. We know that the information these software platforms give us can make us nimbler when problems arise, if we utilize them properly. Here are a few examples of how using the technology we already have can help us to reach out to introduce our products to new clients, keep our current customers happy and improve our image for future customers.

 Putting Your Expertise on the Line

Social media can be a great way to connect with customers or it can be a place where we are crucified by our customers when things go wrong. It really does all depend on how we handle it. Today we have software that can connect our best experts in our products to our social media platforms so they can address and solve problems as they appear.

This gives our customers a feeling of being heard, and gives the company a reputation for having reactive customer service that actually solves the problems it sees. Both of these are the kind of actions that will make any company stand up and be noticed in a good way. Keep your product experts in the loop, connect them 24/7 with your social media and make sure they always have the support they need to resolve any issues that show up on your various social media sites.

Use Tech to Create Community

It just might surprise you how many of your own customers are great problem solvers and love to show that skill off. When you use your website, blog and social media sites to create a community of users who share knowledge, you may find they are solving the problems that crop up before you even get your product experts on the problem.

What is more, customers tend to trust the opinion of fellow customers over that of any spokesperson from your company, no matter how much of an expert they are in your product. So, encourage the development of forums on your site, as long as they are monitored for abuse, to create a sense of community among your clients.

The Power of Knowledge

Finally, use the technology that your customer service reps have with their software programs to dig into the needs of customers when they reach out to you. The software will have a record of who has called before, what kind of product they have and a history of any prior calls or problems.

Use technology to solve problems instead of creating them by eliminating ugly queues and long complicated phone trees when they call in. Sending calls directly to experts in the field, making sure all calls are answered promptly and finding the right solution will all go a long way to making that upset customer into an ally for your business.