3 Signs That You Have Sustained a Break-in

Actually having a break-in at your house is a lot more disturbing than it sounds. Contemplating it may not seem terrifying but once it has actually happened, it is easy to feel uneasy and vulnerable. After all, if it happened once, what are the odds that it will not ever happen again? Even though security mechanisms keep advancing all the time, so do the break-in tactics. And those tactics can be hard to identify. Depending on the skill and incentives of the intruder, a break in to your house might be the most obvious thing in the world or the most subtle. A skilled break-in leaves almost no evidence at all, none that you can scope out at least with your bear senses. Going by the common types of burglaries that occur, we have compiled a list of them and included the signs you should look out for to identify them accurately.

Open Entry

Sometimes, the reason could be as simple as forgetting to look the front door or the windows leaving your house a veritable sitting duck for prospecting burglars. Unlike with a forced entry, there is virtually no way of determining the occurrence of an open entry unless you find some item in the house to be missing after the time you left the house open to trespassers and then put two and two together. Once again, it would be advisable to have the police come over and investigate. Also, if you are prone to absentmindedly leaving doors and windows unlocked or open before leaving the house, it would be well to use a safe storage unit like a safe or custom locker to store your valuables in.

Forced Entry

A forced entry is by far and away the most obvious kind of break-in, where the intruder could not care less about whether you found out or not after the deed has been done. Evidence for a forced entry will most likely involve a broken door or window either by an instrument or sheer man power. Perhaps even the garage will have not been exempt from any attempts to be forced open and let the intruder/s in. You can tell a forced entry has occurred even standing outside of the house. The best thing to do here is call the police and have them examine the crime scene exactly the way it had been after the break-in so they may uncover as many clues as they can that would lead them to the perpetrator.

Theft of Valuable Items

This involves a burglar focused on stealing a particular item of value, not just anything they can get. Often times, those items turns out to be money or jewellery. Unfortunately, it could be some time before you even realize the burglary has occurred and by that time, it may be too late. There are not too many safer places other than home where these items can be stored, unless you get a little creative. What you can do is give your valuables a safe storage facility like a safe or locker that is immune to being opened by force can only be accessed by you.


Noticing the signs of a break-in early are crucial not only to recovering your stolen property but also bringing the perpetrators to justice.