Why Painting is Good For You

Have you ever thought of taking up painting in your spare time? Well, here are some surprising benefits for a hobby and occupation that has been enjoyed for centuries. It is both therapeutic and calming, with benefits for both physical and mental well-being. Check out the following reasons for why you should pick up a paintbrush right away:

  • Improves concentration – Focusing on an object or subject that you’re painting builds on concentration and focus skills. These are skills that can benefit us both at work and in education. The concepts of fine art and observation have been shown in studies to improve the observation and recall skills of students.
  • Relaxation –Painting has therapeutic benefits as it lets the mind focus on present images and nothing else. This is well-known for relieving stress which in turn relaxes the body. Relaxation can help ease daily nuisances like sore muscles, joint pain and headaches.

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  • Develop fine motor skills – Whatever painting you engage in, the practice will improve hand-eye co-ordination and the fine motor skills of your hands. This can have positive knock on effects for other activities too, such as typing, handwriting and even participation in sports. Why not get your work printed? You could find a hobby turns into a profitable home business. For Giclee Printing Services, visit River Studio.
  • Culture Appreciation – Engaging in painting grows your appreciation for visual art and the variety of techniques employed. You’ll learn about history and modern art, giving you the opportunity to share knowledge with others, and grow your understanding of other cultures.
  • Increases creativity –Whatever style and method of painting you try, abstract or realistic, you’ll expressing yourself artistically. You’ll be using your imagination in making images come to life, being innovative and creating something highly personal and unique. This new level of creativity can boost your motivation for many other activities too as your confidence grows.
  • Critical thinking – Painting will improve your critical thinking skills by allowing you to make decisions and question what you see and how you interpret it. Choosing the right equipment, mixing the right colour and planning a design will improve your ability to problem-solve and develop innovative solutions to new problems and situations.
  • Self-confidence and positive thinking –Persevering on a project provides a huge sense of accomplishment and feeling good about something you’ve created is a real self-esteem boost. Receiving positive input and feedback from others will also encourage you to feel more self-assured when starting a new project. Becoming tuned into the aesthetics of the world makes you appreciate the beauty around us and you’ll gain a whole new perspective of how you see the everyday objects around you.