What To Do When PPI Claim Is Rejected?

Even though the courts have ordered the banks to pay back the customers their due, there is a process that needs to be followed to get the refunds. This is where the problem starts for most of the people who do not have any previous experience of corresponding with the bank. The main aim of the people should be to first understand the process of filing the claim, because if they follow the procedure flawlessly there is no way they would not get their money back. The claim should be supported by the valid proof that the PPI was mis-sold as that is what would make sure that the claim goes through without any hassles.Image result for What To Do When PPI Claim Is Rejected?

People should check all the documents related to their line of credit purchase and look for the terms like payment protection insurance, payment protective cover, and so on. These are the terms that are used in the documentation and along with it, the people need to file how the PPI was mis-sold, and only after the verification of what the person has claimed is the PPI refund validated. Here are the few things you need to do when the claim is rejected.

  • The first thing you need to do is call the PPI claim department and find out the reason behind the rejection. You should not hesitate to challenge their decision if you do not agree with them.
  • When talking to the person concerned, it is important to take notes and push for as much information as you can about your claim and the cause for its refusal. Also note down the name of the person and also keep a note of everything that was assigned to you.
  • Once you have all the relevant information, you need to write again to the lender and telling them about the reason why you deserve the compensation and that you will not be afraid to take the case forward if it is not dealt with satisfactorily.
  • You can also hire a PPI compensation claim company to help you claim your PPI compensation.  They are professional and know how to make a successful claim since they have done it for many of their clients and that too successfully.

Following these few simple steps would help you get the PPI refund claim approved. You can also visit PPICalculator.co.uk to know the approximate amount due to you from banks, which would make you more motivated to fight for your money.