Tips To Organize A Perfect Godh Bharai Ceremony

Godh Bharai or baby shower ceremony is a special occasion for every woman who is pregnant. During this ceremony all loved ones come together to give their blessings to the to-be-mommy and soon-to-arrive little one. The function is celebrated across the country while known as Seemandham in Kerala, Shaad in Bengal and Valakappu in Tamil Nadu.

While different different culture and communities have their own beliefs on the perfect timing to perform this ceremony, generally this ceremony is held after the mother-to-be completes her seventh month of pregnancy.

In this article we will read how to organize a perfect Godh Bharai Ceremony but before that, if someone close to you is about to have a Godh Bharai Ceremony, make sure to send them perfect Godh Bharai Gifts for pregnant women. Now read on some tips that will definitely help you out:

  1. First thing first, make sure that the mom-to-be have proper rest before the ceremony. As the ceremony day is going to be a hectic one, mother and baby gets proper rest the night before.
  2. Indoor baby showers are the thing of past. Today, you can easily organize a baby shower outdoor too. A baby shower on terrace or in park or near a pool might be an unusual yet awesome idea.
  3. Make sure that whatever the dress code you are finalizing must be in accordance with the location and weather. For a complete traditional one, you can go with a comfortable saree or even a lehenga. On the other hand, if this is going to be an informal one, you can opt for a beautiful evening gown.
  4. Give your special thought on the decoration. You can take a dig to the childhood pictures of mom-to-be.  Moreover, every guest could leave some sweet sayings for the baby or mom.
  5. Godh Bharai occasion requires for some delicious feast. Now even though moms today are very health conscious, make sure she still have a good time. You can also organize a potluck to brings the closeness.
  6. Make sure the ceremony doesn’t have to be boring. From some great music to some beautiful dance moves, make entertainment a part of it.
  7. You can even organize games like guessing the baby’s gender or making a name list for the baby. To add more fun, you can even ask everyone to dress up like they are pregnant too. Wouldn’t it be fun and it won’t make the mom-to-be feel out of the place either.

So guys, did you like the tips? Mention your opinions in the comments below.