Tips for Being a Great Housemate

One of the most challenging things you will experience is learning how to share a home with others. Different people embrace various aspects of life. When a group of strangers begins sharing a living space, conflicts can arise. However, when these conflicts are handled properly, they can be resolved and avoided in the future. Living in student housing as a part of your education is one of the best experiences in life. You will forge lifelong friendships during this time of your life. Continue reading to learn the top ten tips on being the perfect housemate while at school.

First impressions are important.

When you and your housemates arrive at the student housing, you will probably be experiencing a range of emotions that include nervousness and excitement. Oftentimes housemates will go out for a drink the first night to get to know one another. If one of your housemates is shy and does not want to go out, don’t worry, you will have ample opportunities to get to know one another.

Before entering a housemate’s room, knock.

When you knock, wait until you are invited in. This will prevent you from walking in on your housemate and catching them doing something embarrassing.

Respect your housemate’s possessions.

Although this seems like common sense, you would be surprised at how many people do not follow this simple rule. Do not eat food out of the fridge that isn’t yours, use a towel that isn’t yours or anything else that does not belong to you. Although it may seem trivial, this can cause resentment within the household and make life miserable.

Ensure all parties understand their financial commitments.

If you plan on purchasing items together, ensure everyone understands their financial commitments. Friendships can be ruined because people do not want to pay for agreed upon communal purchases. If you decide to purchase a communal item, have everyone to sign in writing that they agree to pay their part.

If the student housing does not include utilities, these costs must be split between each housemate. Wasting electricity can create tension and excess bills. Just because it is cold outdoors, does not give you the right to leave your heater running all day when you are not home. Consider energy saving heaters like those provided by Electric Heating Expert to reduce electric bills.

Keep doors and windows closed to deter thefts.

Keep all of your windows and doors closed to deter thefts. An open door or window can be a temptation to would-be burglars.

Clean up after yourself.

Living together means that everyone must do their part to keep the house clean. This means each person should load the dishwasher, pick up after themselves and keep the living quarters neat.

Organise chores and follow them through.

Come up with a list of domestic tasks and who will be responsible for each task. This can be done by switching chores each week or doing the same chore throughout your stay. Keep track of when you last cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes or straightened the common area. Housemates can get busy and forget to do their part. This can create tension and dissension in the household.

Be considerate of others and keep the noise down.

People may not like the same type of music as you or your roommate may be trying to study and your music or television can be disturbing them.

Respect the property and landlord.

When you move in together, you and your housemates will sign a joint tenancy agreement. This means that all members will be held collectively responsible for any damage that occurs to the property. If one housemate breaks a window, a portion of your deposit will be used for repair work even though you were not responsible. This is why you should read your rental agreement carefully. Some landlords offer an individual contract. This type of contract protects you against damages caused by other tenants. No one wants to pay for an irresponsible housemate!

As you can see, the rules for sharing a home with other are simple. Be considerate, trustworthy and respectful. And, lastly, remember to have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime.