Tips for Customising Shower Curtain

Customization has become the new trend for home decoration. Right from the doors and windows of the home to the bathroom and shower compartment; personalised designs and looks have become the mainstream of interior decoration. Like all those customised designs and provisions, the availability of custom-printed or completely personalised shower curtains is also abundant. Customization of shower curtains is all about fulfilling your personal style and choice!

Reasons To Customise Shower Curtains

  • Giving your bathroom a fun and exciting look with a customized shower curtain is a great way. It is the trendiest method of adding elegance and giving it a personal touch to your bathroom.
  • While the pre-existing materials and pre-designed curtains can be different to go well with your existing bathroom decor, giving it a personalised look with the customised shower curtains is an ideal option.
  • These days, with the availability of a greater option for customisation; modifying shower curtains as per personal requirements and criteria has become easier than ever.  
  • You can easily give the shower curtains your own design, colour, theme, and texture, and modify it as per your requirements.
  • Right from adding eco-friendly accents to giving it an entirely new look with some additionally stitched accessories, personalisation of shower curtains has become a trendier mode of bathroom decoration these days.

If you are wondering how to get a personalised look for curtains; here’s a brief idea how you can tailor your shower curtain and give it a personalised look.

Adding Personal Photo

Gone are the days when curtains were used to come with pre-existing designs and prints. Like many other products, shower curtains can also be customised with printed photos and pictures. There are several stores and websites which are allowing users to add their pictures to their curtains so that a creative and personalised look for the bathroom can be achieved. Following some simple steps and little bit higher cash, you can easily get the photo-printed curtains at your doorstep.

Making It More Eco-Friendly

Do you know you can make your shower curtains eco-friendly and pollution-free? Well, for this, you can opt for reusable and recyclable materials. Making it from non-carbon based materials and keeping it friendly to the environment will ensure your good health as well as the right look of your bathroom.

Personalised Embroidery

If you have an expert hand for stitching or sewing; then you can easily make shower curtains at home. Instead of buying the entire curtain from the market, you can opt for the old bed sheets and covered and stitch them in accordance with your requirements. Keeping the bathroom interior and dimension of your shower compartment, you can give the piece of cloth a refreshing look and personalised design. With few decors and ornamentals, you can easily convert a double-bed bed-sheet into a 72-inch x 72-inch shower curtain.

Giving It New Additions:

Much like personalised stitching; you also can add new compartments and spaces in your curtains like receptacles and pockets for additional storage. Rather than installing new cupboard in your bathroom, you can easily convert your curtain into a multi-purpose accessory for your bathroom.