Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage Now

Most people think of massages as a luxury; something that only women get when they go to the spa and the salon on their special pamper day with their girl friends. But getting a regular massage actually has a lot of unsung significant health benefits, and it can be a form of therapy for all kinds of stress-related conditions and physical complications.

We have put together a list of the top reasons why you should get the best massages in Montreal right now.

  • They get rid of headaches

Have you ever tried self-massaging your temples when you’re having a terrible episode of migraine or a blinding tension headache? If you haven’t, you should, because it’s the most effective (and free!) method for getting rid of mild to debilitating headaches. Studies have shown that getting regular massages can even reduce their occurrence.

  • They relax the muscles

An hour of full body massage that uses the right amount of pressure will take care of any pain in your body caused by sore muscles. If you are feeling extra achy and tight from a stressful week at work, get a Swedish massage over the weekend to loosen up and unwind.

  • An excellent painkiller

Simply pressing your fingers on any area in your body that is painful will eliminate the pain. Just make sure to maintain medium pressure for at least ten seconds, and the tension will go away. According to a study, massages give the brain the same effect that opioid painkillers do, relaxing the muscles and getting rid of the “knot.”

Chronic joint pain also has nothing on regular massages. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia often visit doctors and professional massage therapists throughout the year.

  • They help manage anxiety

If you have been suffering from too much anxiety that it’s been keeping you from living your life, getting massages every now and then could help. Because massage help reduce stress-inducing hormones, they also contribute to diminishing symptoms of anxiety.

  • They promote flexibility

Professional athletes get a lot of aid from regular massages because they help greatly with increasing the body’s flexibility. Getting a 20-minute massage at least two times a week can even relieve lower back stiffness and pain.

  • They boost your mood

Feeling a little gloomy every now and then is normal, but that doesn’t mean that you should just let it be. A massage doesn’t just reduce stress hormones; it also boosts the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which in turn keeps you happy and motivated.

  • They are a great exercise warm-up

Warming up before getting into a workout helps avoid injury and makes your exercise feel a lot easier. Getting a short massage beforehand will release the tension in your tight muscles and get your blood flowing, preparing it for exercise.

  • They boost your energy

Because of its stress-relieving, tension-relieving abilities, a massage can boost your overall mood and energy levels throughout the day.

  • They help you sleep better and relieve insomnia

A good number of adults today suffer from insomnia and have trouble getting the quality of sleep they want. Getting regular massages have been proven to improve sleep and help you fall asleep faster.

  • They help balance hormone levels in women

Research shows that pregnant women who get frequent massages recover more quickly after giving birth than those who do not, and it also makes it easier for the woman to get into and go through labor. Aside from those things, it helps balance the hormone levels of women and combats pre-menstrual syndrome and the pain associated with dysmenorrhea.