Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn New TV Station Launch

Renowned pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, together with Pastor Benny Hinn oversaw the launch of their new churn in a ceremony that was meant to demonstrate the massive power of God. This comes at a time when the two pastors had just introduced a TV channel called Liveworld USA. As the President of Believers’ Loveworld Inc, also referred to as Christ Embassy, pastor Chris Oyakhilome has showed great passion in the delivery of the word of God and he believes the step they took will broaden their reach. As Benny Hinn and Oyakhilome have continually preached to their believers, their message that prayer comes as perfect refuge during turbulent times has been echoed far and wide, both in churches and through missions overseen by volunteers.

Working together will help the two renowned pastors to ring the world together and this is a rare opportunity that will also allow them to strengthen the faith of millions of believers across the world. This has always been their dream for a long time and now after launching the cable TV network, Loveworld USA, they will easily reach more people with less effort. Although the network will start off in the U.S., its effect will be felt across the entire world.

Apart from working as a committed pastor, pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also a healing minister and a best-selling author. He has also been hosting different TV shows mainly focused on teachings that are beneficial to those in dire need of the gospel and the power of God. His publications have been distributed widely as he covers different topics ranging from marriage to fighting spirits and creating a stronger link between man and God.

Having pioneered the development of the first satellite network in Africa to air 24-hours, Pastor Chris has helped reach millions of people across the continent and he has put effort to spread the message of Christ’s salvation. His mission that has continued for more than 30 years has attracted millions and one of the most significant meetings he held was in Nigeria, where 3.5 million people attended to receive the blessings of salvation.

Through Christ Embassy, Benny Hinn will enhance the reach of his message and extend his service in delivery of the gospel. He has been ministering for 43 years and, like Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny Hinn has authored many best-selling books, most of which cover teachings. Some of the books he wrote include “Good Morning, Holy Spirit”, “Lamb of God” and “Prayer That Gets Results”. Through his teachings many have been saved and freed from the shackles of poverty and suffering. He also runs a TV program called ‘This Is Your Day’, which is viewed every day in more than 100 countries. Basically, it is among the most-watched Christian programs across the world.

Although Loveworld USA operates from California, it is currently available to people from every part of the world through the internet. The station broadcasts through Spectrum Cable Network and has been running a series of conferences, crusades and anointed music from the two pastors. Loveworld will be hosting other priests from across the world and this will help to implement the mission of the station to reach more people across the world. It is a noble initiative that Benny Hinn believes will help many people understand the purpose of the word and deepen their connection with God.