Natural Stone: Which One Should You Choose


When people think of natural stone they often think of garden stone. However, many people use natural stones inside their home as well for interior aesthetics. There are numerous different types of natural stone, such as, limestone, granite, sandstones, marble, slate, basalt and quartzite, to name just a few. Natural stone has become incredibly popular recently with people using the stone for all different kinds of purposes, for example on driveways, outdoor walls and steps, but natural stone has also been popular within the home, as bathroom tiles and kitchen worktops.

If you’re thinking of investing in natural stone for your home, or maybefor your garden then it is important to know what the properties are of each one, so that you can make sure you get the right type of natural stone.

Types of Natural Stone and Their Properties:

  • Limestone: You can have hard and soft limestone. The softer limestone is often used for outdoor flooring and the harder variety is used for heavy-traffic areas, for example indoors.
  • Granite: Granite is often used on work tops. This is due to its resistance to dirt and wear. The colour of the granite is often dark, varying between grey and blacks.
  • Sandstone: It has been said that sandstone is best in sunnier areas, surrounded by rustic and rural areas.
  • Marble: Marble is often used in bathrooms and kitchens this is due to its modern appearance and style.
  • Slate: Slate has a rough look and is often used on outdoor walls.
  • Basalt: This is a hard volcanic rock and can be found on outdoor flooring often grey in colour.
  • Quartzite: This is one of the harder types of natural stone and is often found outside with a rustic finish.

Now you know what each type of natural stone is often used for it’s important to know how to maintain it and keep it clean and out of damage. There are plenty of things which you should do in order to maintaining the natural stone for example, after cleaning we advise people to dry the surface thoroughly, you can also protect the surfaces of the floor by using rugs.Not only this but we advise people to try and keep worktops dust free. On the other side of things there are some things which you need to avoid doing, for example, don’t use soft or dry cleaners instead of this we advise people to use warm water with a cloth or mop if you’re cleaning a floor. If it is kitchen worktop, then it’s vital to ensure you don’t place hot things directly on top of the surface and use coasters and mats to avoid damage.

Now you know more about natural stone, it should be easier for you to pick which one will be best for you.