How to make the most of your warehouse storage

Whether you own your warehouse or rent it, the space is valuable and you’ll want to ensure you are using it to its optimum potential. Read on for our short guide to making the most from your warehouse storage facility.

The 85% rule


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Whilst it may be tempting to fill up every corner of space you have, try to work at the 85% storage capacity rule. This means that when new arrivals come in, especially at certain periods, say, ahead of Christmas or ahead of a new season, you have the place to store it. Not only does this make sense in terms of using space effectively, it also prevents packages being left in aisles and becoming health or fires hazards

Dead inventory

Do you have piles of obsolete stock that hardly budge but take up room in the warehouse? A simple SKU inventory for the past year will show you whether these items need to be rethought. Try to look into selling the stock off at auction or back to the manufacturer. Or perhaps scrap it as the space it’s taking up may be costing you more than its worth as a stock asset.


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Pallet racks

Pallet shelving stands the test of time and is one of the most effective ways to use space in your storage facility. It’s durable, sturdy, versatile and designed to hold pallets or other boxes or goods. To save money you can look to buying used pallet racking from established firms such as that sell pre-owned racking at a discount.

Creating space

There are always areas of underused space in warehouses. These are often found around the receiving and shipping areas. Think about putting high storage above doors in these areas. Alternatively, create high tunnel aisles with pallet racking from your existing racking rows.

Reduce the size of aisle width

Ensuring at all times that you adhere to fire regulations, you could consider reducing the width of your aisles, by increasing the width of your shelving. You may need a slimmer forklift to accommodate this.

As you can see, there are always methods of making more of your warehouse space. Always remember the important 85% rule and how to be creative with space. Also, ensure that you buy the best shelving you can.