Know The Details About Coolangatta Accommodation

Coolangatta is the most southerly town in Queensland and it is also known as the gateway to the Gold Coast. Situated only about 100km from Brisbane, Coolangatta is one of the most popular holidays destinations for holiday travellers. Coolangatta is really well known for its relaxing nature which is tinged with 60’s vibe. Considered to the most peaceful and relaxing areas of Gold Coast, Coolangatta is very easy to get to and get around.  You can easily hire a car at Coolangatta airport and it is a short drive until you see the white sand beaches in Queensland.

Coolangatta boasts some of the amazing beaches in the Gold Coast area along with secluded and stunning coves, excellent surfing places and exceptionally beautiful parklands.

If you love shopping, Coolangatta is the place for you as it has some amazing shopping malls like the Showcase shopping centre and Coolangatta market. These places are really popular for availing unique gift items and cool bargains. You can easily find some knick knacks here for your friends and family. These markets are the ideal places for purchasing some local souvenirs.  If you are looking for haute couture, that too are available in this market place. Marketplaces are the indispensible part of Coolangatta tour. In this market place you will find lots of boutiques where you can find excellent collections of designer wears, jewelleries, bags etc.

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Coolangatta has a vibrant night life and at the same time this is a heaven for sea food lovers.  Here you will find some wonderful sea food restaurants where you can have some unforgettable food ventures. Many of the restaurants in this area are recognised for quality wines and fine dining.

Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, Coolangatta has different types of accommodation options available for you. From budget hostel to expensive resorts, you will find accommodation option that can easily suit your budget. If you are looking for higher level of privacy, outstanding luxury and at the same time a homely vibe also, The Blue C Apartments Coolangatta is the best place for you. This is a luxury apartment and you can easily rent one, two or three bedroom apartment. The best part of this accommodation option is that it gives you an outstanding view from the balcony. Each apartment has sea facing balcony. This apartment has almost all the luxurious options available for you.  If you are looking for more details about holiday apartments in Coolangatta then you should definitely check