Five types of shirt that all men need

Whatever the occasion, a shirt can make you look the part. From a casual shopping trip or a night out with the boys to a formal wedding, the shirt is a staple piece of clothing that you should have in your wardrobe. There are many different styles of shirt, but it is unlikely that your wardrobe has a varied selection. In fact, you probably have several of the same shirt in different colours. Now is the time to expand your selection by making sure you have the five different styles of shirt that can be used for any occasion.


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This classic shirt has been rejuvenated to become one of the most popular pieces of men’s fashion. It is mainly seen as a casual shirt but can be dressed up to look smarter.

Dress shirt

This type of shirt is often seen underneath suits or as part of more formal outfits. It has a structured finish and can be more slim-fitting than other shirts. It allows you to tuck it in by having a slightly shorter front and a longer back so you don’t become untucked if you bend over.


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Grandad Collar

This type of shirt has been modernised dramatically in recent years. It was known as being a working-class shirt in the industrial times but has now become much more fashionable. It typically has no collar, which gives it a vintage feel and can give your outfit an eye-catching finish. Some of the mens Farah shirts, like those found at, can be worn casual or as an accompaniment to smart outfits.

Oxford shirt

Often worn by Ivy League students in the 1950s, this shirt has more of a preppy feel to it that is still relevant today. The ability to dress this shirt up or down makes it one of the most popular around. With neutral colours being on trend this summer, why not look for a stone-coloured oxford shirt to cement your look.


This style is the essence of laid-back fashion that looks good. It is available in a range of different materials, which makes it easy to wear in the summer with the sleeves rolled up or layered with t-shirts in the winter. The extensive range of colours also make this a popular choice.