Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

Looking for some amazing kind of deep questions to ask a guy? I think then you have come to the right page. Given below is the complete list of questions to ask a guy that you can ask to a guy casually. It would help you to know his mind set and thought process very well. guy-girl

  1. How hard is it to you to lie to your family even when you do not want to do so?
  2. Which is your ultimate source of courage and confidence even in hard times? – You can ask this question to your friends also to motivate yourself.
  3. Do you believe that marriage is the ultimate destination of love? If yes then why?
  4. What do you think is the basic need of a true relationship and why? – Nice relationship questions to ask a guy.
  5. What is your idea of living a perfect life?
  6. Where do you find yourself after an year from now?
  7. If it would be possible then what memories would you like to carry from this birth to another?
  8. What was the strongest Déjà-Vu you ever had?
  9. How strongly do you believe in the destiny and luck?
  10. Would you ever consider even more important than your mom?

Such deep questions to ask a guy can tell you that, who is more important to him than his mom.

  1. What is the true meaning of success for you?
  2. Have you ever thought about becoming famous even for all the wrong reasons?
  3. What was the ugliest spat you ever had with someone and why?
  4. Have you ever spent an entire day by just lying on your bed and doing nothing?
  5. Are you comfortable enough to hang out with someone who is gay?
  6. Do you rate people on a personal scale for each and every aspect?
  7. What was your reaction when your parents talked to you about intimate things even when you knew about them already?
  8. What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
  9. Which place is closest to your heart and why?
  10. Which is your favorite spot to go and relax?
  11. What is right for you, to live in an impossible relationship or to just walk away?
  12. Where do you want to be reborn again?
  13. What are your dreams and aspirations with this life?
  14. Do you love someone even when you know that she can never be yours?
  15. Which is your favorite philosophy which fits in every situation?
  16. Would you ever exchange your soul with someone else? – Interesting would you rather questions to ask a guy.
  17. What is better for you, love marriage or arranged marriage?
  18. What is the long lasting effect of falling in love with someone?
  19. Can you live without someone you love like hell when you are being given a lot of money for it?

Such deep questions to ask a guy reveal that among love and money what he chooses.

  1. What kind of books do you like to read?


I hope all these deep questions to ask a guy would help you a lot to know a guy from deep within well. These are simple yet very intense kind of questions whose answers can leave you shocked as well as mesmerized.