How a climbing frame in the garden can benefit your child

A climbing frame can offer a wealth of benefits to children, especially when you buy one for your own back garden that they can play on every day. Read on to find out how you can help your child’s development by introducing a climbing frame to your outdoor space.


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Imaginative play

A versatile climbing frame can encourage imaginative play in children. This is one of the most important ways in which children make sense of the world around them, learn how to cooperate and socialise, and – above all – have fun. What you do on a climbing frame is not didactic and there is no limit to the kinds of games that can be played. From cops and robbers to fairy houses, races and war playing, a climbing frame facilitates play but does not direct it. These kinds of structures allow children to write the rules of their own game, helping them learn a lot about themselves and about the world as they go.

Risk taking

Climbing may be risky; however, a little measured risk taking is good for a child. It often goes against the natural instincts of a parent but if a child never understands how to measure risk, they will not be prepared for adult life. Climbing frames are solid, safe structures that encourage children to decide how high they can go. Supervision is still recommended, especially for younger children, but to a certain extent you still need to let them make their own choices about how high they go or what they climb.


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An average child should enjoy at least 60 minutes of active play a day. Sadly, many children in the UK are not hitting this target, which is the bare minimum. Ideally, children should be able to spend a few hours a day doing something active, preferably outside. Climbing frames are great for exercise and encourage large motor skills whilst building strength and agility. A wood climbing frame from a supplier such as http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames can offer hours of endless, versatile play and can be a brilliant source of exercise.

As you can see, the advantages of introducing a climbing frame to your garden space are multiple and include providing an opportunity for exercise, encouraging natural risk taking, and facilitating imaginative play.