What the Churches Can Do For the Veterans of the Society?

War has always got an adverse effect on mankind, and this has not been restricted to any one particular sect of the society. Spread evenly across all the strata of the society, it leaves some deep impact on the psychology of human beings. And whenever there has been a similar crisis that has come up in this world, only spirituality has turned out to be the biggest resource. A church like always has got a major role to play in binding the community together.

But it has also been put in front of multiple questions as in if the church has ever been the reason for the war itself. The tussles between the Protestants and Catholics have found multiple versions in the books of History, but people have ultimately been successful in getting rid of all those memories and utilize the Church for the betterment of the community. Even the Church has lost its entire conservative attitude and has been kept up their all acceptance approach in judging any incident.

Names like Westside Family Church and much more actually deserve the credit for the change, and it needs to be brought into bright daylight. However, the role that these Churches have played during the time of war cannot be forgotten under any circumstances. But with every passing day, the scope to work more in the society increases. The veterans are that particular age group in the society who actually have contributed a lot in building up the society and hence deserves utmost care. But the fast lifestyle that human beings nowadays are more accustomed to doesn’t leave them with any time for these people. Hence, it is the Churches who need to work it out for these people.

The most crucial problem that these people suffer from is the loneliness- hence they need to feel connected. It is the veterans who will know and understand the veterans better than anyone else. The Churches need to build structures where these communities can actually happen. Since these people have gone through a series of trauma in life, they need more of counseling and therapists who can talk it out with them and help them lead a peaceful life in the days ahead. There are clinicians who are actually experts in dealing with these sensitive issues, trauma and this is exactly what the veterans need now.

Connecting the veterans to the Veteran Administration is not just the end of it. While it is true that the VA has been actually working well to take care of the veterans and the military families, the responsibility of the Church doesn’t end in connecting the two entities only. Often the VA is not rooted in the communities, and hence the churches need to work on spreading the activities of the VA far and wide. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has been working on multiple such projects and their contribution seems to be never ending. It is these churches that actually make the difference and help the community grow stronger going through the test of time.