Chromium Crusher Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

With how the market of herb grinder today have hyped up, looking for a grinder that have both the features and affordable price is not easy. It is no secret how each grinders were not created equally. Every manufacturer has its own unique idea and innovations on how it would excel against its competitors. One budget herb grinder that is making a wave in the herb community is the Chromium Crusher. Since 2009, Chromium Crusher have already been popular among the herb grinder community. Now, what made this particular grinder ahead against to its competitors? We shall know further in this Chromium Crusher review.



There are a lot of features that you can site for knowing the best product. It could be base from several factors, depending on that is necessary. In Chromium Crusher, we will give you details about the materials, design, performance and as well as its price of the grinder which are the three major factors that we saw the importance of it when it comes to choosing an herb grinder.


Contrary to the common material used by most grinders, the Chromium Crusher is made up of zinc alloy. This kind of material causes the heavy weight of Chromium Crusher but will definitely stand the test of time. Even though it is heavy, it makes sure that the grinding process will pursue with having a high quality in the internal which is responsible for the success of the process. The teeth is made up of strong material that ensures cutting of herb easily. Making the twisting of the grinder hassle free.


The top of the grinder has a magnet that will help keep the top from coming off, however, it cannot seem to hold on stronger to the base just like what other reviewers have observed. If you will not be careful when you use this herb grinder, there will surely be spilling of contents.


The Chromium Crusher is compose of 4 pieces that comes in different sizes, 1.6, 2.0, 2.2 and as well as 2.5 inch diameter. The sizes of the different models of the Chromium Crusher are a lot smaller. Compared to other weed grinders, this particular grinder comes in different color starting from standard black up to a wicked purple shade. With this, if you are keen to owning things with your most favored color, then you will surely like the theme of Chromium Crusher.

Now, let us go to the interior. When we talk of grinder, the most important part is the teeth since it is the one responsible for the main purpose of the grinder, to grind. The teeth moves smoothly as you twist or rotate it to start the grinding process. It is shaped in diamond and are as tough as nails which optimizes the shredding capabilities of the grinder.

Aside from its appearance and performance, the good thing about this grinder is it is very portable. You can take it anywhere you want to go.


Since the teeth of the grinder has one of the best materials, the performance is now given. It definitely provides best result through its sharp teeth that makes the whole experience of using the herb grinder a lot easier, hassle-free. The kief or the fine residue that it collects makes a whole difference when you compare it to other herb grinder.


Among the other grinder with best features, the best budget choice grinder is the Chromium Crusher. It is very cheap compared to its competitions. And you are definitely paying for a cheaper price of what you will get. If you search around for more reviews about Chromium Crusher, the majority notion with this product is having a cheaper price with a great performance.


Being composed of 4 piece kind of grinder makes it have or produce a better residue for the user. The material as well, heavy duty zinc alloy, is a plus to the grinders side as it will optimum grinding experience. Other than that, the diamond-shaped teeth will help the grinder smoothen the movement without possible catching or sagging.


The Chromium Crusher has also its fair share of disadvantage as well. One drawback is with its magnetic top not being able to hold enough on the base. It may lead to spilling of contents if not properly locked. Other than that, the grinder is a high quality grinder.


Materials:            3 / 5

Design:                                 4 / 5

Performance:    4 /5

Price:                     3 / 5