Changing Face of Social Media

Recently, the ORM Agency has seen a drastic change in the way that companies and individuals are using social media. Social media has changed so much that it is the lifeline of all modern companies at this point in time. The Internet used to be a place of forums and one-to-one messaging and now times have changed and most people are now using social media networks as their main form of communication. The reason for the emergence of social media nowadays is due to all of the advancement in technology and how almost every consumer has adapted to these technological advancements. If it weren’t for wireless internet and high speed internet connections and smartphones, then social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat would not exist the way that they do today.

The real question now is how will social media look in 5 years? Will it look the same or change completely. What will happen if AR and VR get tied into social media? This will mean that the social media experience ill be changed and more up close and personal than it ever has been.

AI and Machine Learning

Due to automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, jobs of today are going away and will be replaced. For example, a company has been using AI to search for a diverse pool of candidates for their recruitment process rather than having an employee do it for them.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, these both have the potential to create the largest upset to how social media works. This technology is being expanded upon especially since Apple has an upcoming AR kit they will be selling shortly. AR allows you to enhance face-to-face interaction just like everyone does with social media. AR will enhance your surroundings while adding even more distractions.