The Best Home Weight Training Program For Body Building

You are probably planning to tone up and pack some muscle mass but wondering what is the best workout program to follow. There are various exercises one can do but not all are able to give you the much-desired muscle gain. With the availability of gyms, you are able to attain your required results through supervised workouts from trainers. However, not everyone is able to access services of a gym. This might be a burden to some or their schedule cannot allow them to have time for the gym. Additionally, taking the best diet and anabolic steroids like one found on will boost the process. This, therefore, calls for a home weight training program. With the help of basic equipment and bodybuilding sites, you can still attain the same results as you would in a gym. Some of the home weight training programs include the following;

Full body workout

This is a beginner’s workout program that aims to get the whole body started. It is comprised of three sets of exercises that target the upper and lower main muscles in the same workout. Each exercise comprises five sets with five repetitions for each. This whole body stimulation leads to a release of testosterone required to boost muscle growth. These workouts are, barbell squats, bent over barbell rows and pull-ups. You could also include side lateral raise and sit ups.

Upper body workout

This workout program basically concentrates on upper body muscles building. It is usually on the lower split of the upper body. Some of the exercises for this program include; pushups, barbell bench press, bent over barbell row, one-arm side laterals among others. These upper body workouts can be done a few days of the week e.g. Mondays and Wednesdays. The number of sets and repeats can be decided depending on the kind of exercise. While training on this, it is crucial to understand that the upper body holds more muscles and thus require more attention.

Lower body workout

The same case applies to lower body workouts. These are exercises whose aim is to tone the lower body. Some of them include; front barbell squats, dumbbell step ups, barbell lunges among others. These workouts have higher repetitions with some workouts having 25 repetitions. The lower body is equally crucial for bodybuilding workouts as this us where support comes from during the tournaments and competitions. Therefore, there is a need for the muscles to be exercised well.

Body part workouts

This is a workout on specific body areas within a group of muscles. On each day a specific area is worked on thus, enabling an increase in energy and muscle gain. Some of the workouts for the arms include; barbell bench press, dumbbell bicep curls among others. This is done for all other body parts i.e. the shoulders, chest, back, and legs. Make sure you take offs in between the week to ensure your body does not wear out.

All the above can easily be achieved at home with a good program and discipline to follow it to the letter.