Benefits of double glass door refrigeration units

They’re modern, clean and provide complete visibility of all your delicious food products on offer – these are just a few of the reasons glass door refrigeration units are becoming increasingly popular with many catering businesses. If you’re debating whether to acquire a glass door refrigerator, then why not read on to see all their advantages and just how they can benefit your business?


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Excellent Visual

The main and most obvious advantage of displaying your food in a glass door refrigerator is the ability to show off your products easily to your clients. Clients are far more likely to pick up food they can see through the glass panels than those contained in solid door refrigeration units. There’s just something about glass doors that are so much more welcoming and inviting to clients – perhaps it’s because they don’t feel distanced from the food, or perhaps it’s just their hunger getting the better of them! Either way, it’s a major plus for glass doors.

Of course, there are many hybrids popping up on the market to combine solid and glass doors, but they cannot boast the same competitive price as the affordable solid glass doors currently available on the market.

Easy Maintenance

Not only are they easy to clean, but you’ll be able to see for yourself if the view of the food you are selling is impeded by any stains. This will enable you to clean the doors as and when needed. Furthermore, the fact your customers can already see the food means they don’t need to keep opening the fridge when going to see what’s on offer. This will make it easier for your fridge to maintain its temperature.


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Much like solid door refrigeration units from, glass door refrigerators are available in a range of sizes, including single and double doors, depending on the amount of food you wish to display. This therefore provides flexibility when designing your display to customers, and offers convenience.

Proven Efficiency

The glass doors themselves are double glazed and tough to avoid any accidents. The transparency of the doors mean you don’t need to waste time and can see easily whether anything needs restocking. All in all, these fridges are convenient and proven to be effective for your business! Why not give one a try?