Advantages of commercial dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are amongst the most favoured bar equipment, proving popular in restaurants, bars and professional catering businesses nationwide. In the same way as commercial ice machines, drinks fridges and fridge freezers, these appliances have become essential to commercial kitchens, providing valuable help to kitchen staff in their duties and saving time and money.


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Stronger and sturdier

As with most bar equipment, commercial dishwashers are constructed to withstand a large amount of wear and tear, being built to last through regular high volumes of work. They have a long lifespan, even with heavy usage. Compared with regular dishwashers, they are considerably sturdier, can work for longer and last many years, offering great value for money.

A small, single commercial dishwasher can perform over 30 washing cycles daily without breaking down or suffering damage on a regular basis. Domestic dishwashers are a long way off being able to rival the strength, sturdiness and durability of a commercial dishwasher.

There are also smaller models that save space and energy without losing efficiency or volume. Business owners are unlikely to have to replace parts on a regular basis, saving money. Commercial warewashers can be bought from stockists such as


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Short washing cycles

While being able to handle high numbers of loads per day, commercial warewashers also have a shorter cycle than regular dishwashers. A typical wash cycle varies between four and six minutes, whereas a domestic washer could take several hours to complete the same volume of washing.

The advantages for professional caterers or a drinks establishment are numerous. Shorter washing cycles enable bar staff to wash glasses, plates and cutlery in a reduced time, allowing staff to manage their workload efficiently and fulfil the demands of their job effectively.

Energy efficiency

Commercial dishwashers are amongst the most energy-efficient bar equipment appliances found in the kitchen. Smaller dishwashers consume a relatively small amount of energy – approximately 10 to 15 watts per wash cycle. This is one of the most power-efficient ratios of all appliances and contributes to reducing overheads and bills, which represent a large cost for restaurants today.

Any opportunity to save costs is a positive, with commercial dishwashers helping to achieve a more energy-efficient kitchen. It is clear why demand for these appliances is ever increasing and they are one of the most sought-after bar equipment appliances.