A Career As A Digital Marketer

The educational landscape is ever evolving, as is the world around us. The courses that those came before us studied have grown in one form or another, adding or taking away some of the concepts that they conveyed.

Others are entirely new, like the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.  What started, as an attempt to integrate businesses into social media to reach a wider audience has grown into a necessary facet of every enterprise- large or small. It has been learnt, over the last decade or so when social media grew in leaps and bounds, that doing social media marketing increases sales conversions, improves brand perception, improves customer relations, and generally lends some human aspects in an otherwise corporate entity. These are the reasons that have led to the introduction of a dedicated program that can teach the necessary skills to use social media to its full potential to further a business.

Digital Marketing

The new face of marketing is digital. Most professionals employed in the marketing industry do digital marketing, which tells of where the future leads. People are abandoning the older outlets and adopting the new ones. Print content no longer commands a following as digital content, and broadcasted content is being abandoned for subscriptions instead. This shift represents the new age, where social media has emerged king. While marketing campaigns that rode on the aforementioned channels were once effective, they now have poor conversion rates. But social media has significantly better ones. Besides, the potential audience it enables a marketer reach is infinitely bigger. This is why social media marketing has become a key element of every marketing strategy. So much so that it now needs to be taught in school.

The Course

The program covers all the major areas that are intertwined with social media. They include personal brand creation and management, email marketing, setting up and running effective social media campaigns and content marketing.

What the program does is demystify SMM to those who are only partly familiar with it. It teaches all the fundamentals, such that at the end of the study period, you should be able to assume the role of a social media manager, social media consultant, social media analyst, content marketer, or digital marketer.

Since social media is all online, then it follows too that the course should be offered online. Most institutions choose this as the mode of delivery, though you can find the program offered in-campus, if you prefer that kind of learning environment instead. The fees are as divergent as the study durations. But on average, the program costs slightly above $3000 and takes about a year to complete.


Social media was never designed to be a source of employment, but rather a means of connecting. But it has evolved to become one of the more lucrative sources of employment especially for the present generation. All organizations these days are looking for someone to manage their social media accounts. For corporations that have global presences, or have many branches within a country, that is a lot of positions to be filled. And what better career is there than spending your day on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat? Sure there are some technical aspects of the job, such as studying market trends, doing email marketing and crafting campaigns, but it is all very rewarding for someone who is passionate enough about the job.