5 Places to Sell Your Unwanted Clothing

When you’re running short of cash, one of the easiest and quickest ways to make some money is by selling your unwanted things online. Most people have plenty of unwanted clothing, lots of it still with tags and labels on. There are many places that you can sell these items and get some instant cash, so here are some of the most popular and best ways to sell your unwanted clothes.


With websites like eBay, selling your clothing online has never been easier. You can even change your settings so that people all over the world can bid on your items and purchase them. This means that you can literally reach the entire world and promote your clothing to people everywhere who might be very interested in buying the items you’re not wearing anymore. People are always looking for mens formal suits, dresses, jackets and shoes, especially if they have a brand name and are in good condition.

Garage sale

You can organise a garage sale at your home if you want to flog some unwanted items. To succeed with this, you need to promote it enough in your area in the days leading up to it, and you should use Facebook and other social networking tools to help you with this. You might not reach as many people as you would on eBay, but if you live in a busy area, you’ll definitely have a few people popping by to see what you have on offer.


Facebook isn’t just for connecting with your old friends anymore. Nowadays, you can join buy and sell groups and post pictures of all the items that you don’t want. You can join groups, which are specifically for clothes, or if you’re selling a certain brand of clothing, there are groups specifically for that too. Groups exist for large clothes, small clothes, shoes, formal wear and children’s clothing, so you can target a specific group of people who are in the group to look solely for that type of clothing.

Cash for clothes

There are some companies, which will pay you a fixed amount per kilogram of clothing that you bring to them. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of clothing but nothing of any particular value. If you have lots of unwanted clothes but none of them are brand names and they’re not new with the labels still on, this is a quick and easy way to get rid of your clothes, create some more space and get some cash while you’re at it. You can search online to see if there are any companies like this near you.


Every few weeks, many areas host flea markets and other sales where regular people can come and try and sell their items to passers by and other shoppers. While you should keep your prices low if you want to actually sell items, it’s a good experience and you can make plenty of friends while trying to sell your unwanted goods to strangers.