How to make the most of your warehouse storage

Whether you own your warehouse or rent it, the space is valuable and you’ll want to ensure you are using it to its optimum potential. Read on for our short guide to making the most from your warehouse storage facility. The 85% rule Image Credit Whilst it may be tempting to fill up every corner […]


How the British Transport Police use body worn video cameras

The British Transport Police (BTP) are a vital aspect of our national transport network and work hard to keep buses and trains safe for those of us who travel every day. The BTP have begun using body worn camera technology as part of their fight against crime. Read on to discover exactly how the British […]


How to silicone seal your bathroom

Sealant is typically used in bathrooms to provide a barrier to water around bathtubs, sinks and shower screens. It might look like a fiddly job, but you can do it yourself if you follow these tips. Preparation The key to getting a nice smooth seal is to cut the tip of the silicone sealant tube […]


How Will Britain’s Film Industry be Affected by Brexit?

It’s fair to say that it’s still unclear what the full impact of Brexit will be on the UK economy, but in terms of the UK film industry, it’s possible to make a few educated guesses. Image Credit There are likely to be a number of negative side effects in terms of funding and co-productions […]


Why it is Good to Purchase Roof Ladders from OEM and not Third Party Vendors?

Roof ladders are one of the most useful tools homeowners and professionals need to perform various tasks on the roof. Working on your roof is always dangerous and easily lead to accidents. This is the reason why roofers, DIY homeowners, and home improvement professionals choose specialized roof ladders designed by reputed manufacturers to create the […]


How to look good in the city this summer

  Our British summers can be tricky when it comes to knowing what to wear; for example, we can go from bright sunshine to heavy rain and back again all in the space of 24 hours. When working in the city, you need outfits that can cope with various weathers and temperatures in addition to […]


Google Pixel 2 would have better features but higher price

Strong rumors are talking about Google working on their new Google Pixel. Google Pixel 2 would be the biggest bet on technology, at least during the first half of the year. The same rumors speak that Google would be concentrating, on all components of the smartphone, on the camera and the processor as well as […]


The history of the English Football Association

The English Football Association has been around for many years, forming originally in 1863 and football as we know it today dates from this time. Ebenezer Morley formed Barnes FC in 1862 and decided that a set of rules was necessary to keep the game fair as there were many disputes about the way football […]