Garage Door Needs Fixin

So sooner or later as a homeowner you are going to run into your garage door needing repair.  Whether it is something simple or something more complex such as coming off the track, the chain having issues, Your remote not working or the springs breaking- it is bound to happen sooner or later.

That experience happened to me recently and I thought I would share it with you and how we were able to find a reputable Garage Door Repair Minneapolis too come and solve it for us.

When we first noticed that the door wouldn’t go down all the way our instinct was to try to shove it down. Turns out that caused more problems not less.  What seemed like the track was bent was a byproduct of the actual problem. While the garage door had come off of the track and bent it in an attempt to get down to the floor, it was not the actual problem.  The problem was that the garage door spring actually broke and would not let 1 side down all the way but the other side was working fine.  This caused us to push them down by hand and pop it off of the track.  Well thankfully we were able to find someone pretty quickly because it is an easy way for thieves to get into the garage to steal things but also for intruders to gain entrance to your home.  Stay safe and keep your home secure.

How I Discovered Prior Lake

I always wanted to purchase a home in a different state than the one I was raised in. The broad search started when i was financially set with my Contractor Marketing, this was at the age of 35. At this point I was semi retired. Being from California I wanted my next home in a place where I could enjoy all four seasons. I wanted to be able to see the beautiful colors fall brings, the white snow during Christmas, and the blooming of the flowers.


Loon on Prior LakeThe one place that had alway caught my attention was the land of ten thousand lakes, Minnesota. I started in duluth which is an amazing city, it feels like a city on a steep hill that is bordered by a lake. It was an absolutely beautiful city, the only thing that turned me off was I wanted to be in a place that felt isolated with that small town charm, but still was in close proximity to a major city. After continuing my research for minnesota homes, I came across an ad that said houses for sale in Prior Lake, MN. Prior Lake was located in the south metro of minneapolis and st. paul. The ad stated small town feel with beautiful landscape while still being able to capture city life. So I made my way down from Duluth and journeyed to where this well placed marketing add had pulled me. The drive was amazing, it captured all forms wild life until I hit the beautiful city of Minneapolis. it was such a clean and well kept city that I decided to stay two nights before I carried on my journey to Prior Lake. Once arriving at my destination to continue my home purchasing venture I was impressed that it was only a forty minute ride from Minneapolis to Prior Lake. The homes I began to look at where settled on lake fronts, some had docks for backyards and some had forest, but they all had access to the lake. The lake was huge, there were bars directly on the lake where one would pull up their boat and have employees tie down there boat for them, it was kind of like valet parking for boats. There were people jet skiing and being pulled behind boats on water tubes. They had designated areas that were sandy beaches, you could see people playing volleyball and barbecuing off shore. At this point I had seen enough I was sold. I purchased my home away from home right on the lake and immediately called the Paul over at to come put in some outdoor living spaces that I could overlook the lake with, I was thrilled. I had everything I was looking for and more, seclusion, beauty, small town feel, and still being able to travel quickly into the city until I realized that the lake was slowly eating my land. You see, the water lapping up and the wake made by the boats passing by were causing the slope in on the lake side to slowly disappear into the lake.  For this we had to call in the big Boulder retaining wall guys from Minneapolis  For people looking for what I found, this is the place.